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10 Reasons Why Professional Services Companies Don't Want a Website

[fa icon="calendar"] April 26, 2015 - Fred Thompson

I love to find out why people love some things yet hate other things. We compiled this list from our years of helping professional services companies with their on-line media.headache

We found out the hard way that the best way to understand what your customers what is from your customers – not always some seminar you attend.

I’d love to hear what you think, or if you want to add some of your own stuff, just use the comment form below!

Reason #1: I can't justify the expense.

Got it. Websites, at least good ones, are expensive. Here are some things to look for to help justify paying out your heard-earned money:

Reason #2: I don't care about "all the money I might be losing."

Have you ever been told that by some high-pressure sales person? If so, then the burden is on them to demonstrate what you’ll gain by buying their product.

Reason #3: The technology keeps changing. I can't afford an upgrade every other month.

Nor can we afford frequent upgrades! It’s hard to target the “life expectancy” of a good CMS website. CMS (content management systems) are part of the growing world of SaaS applications that, in part, reside online and come with frequent updates -- so you don't have to worry about stale technology.

“But what up style upgrades?” If you’re thinking about things like wide or narrow neckties or wallpaper vs wall paint, then it’s up to you. We like to think a design is good for about 5 years, but that’s really a subjective estimate.

Reason #4: I don't care about editing my own website, so who cares about a CMS.

We’re hearing more and more owners and marketers of professional services companies say the same thing. They don’t want have anything to do with spending time on digital media. You can outsource all of your media once you find people who can do it.

Reason #5: My needs are always changing so really I don't know what I want.

This is an industry trends or marketing issue. Until you get these things sorted out, don’t upgrade your website. You can work with business and marketing professionals if you feel you’re up against changes you need to make. Heading in a good direction is important.

Reason #6: I hate being pushed to buy.

Then just say, “Go away please!” Occasionally there are legitimate reasons for urgency, like Google’s announcement to rank websites based on their mobile capability. Otherwise, let anything you do fit into your timeline and budget, and don’t let yourself get pressured.

Reason #7: Who are you? I don't trust your company.

You’re an educated person, right? Just look for the right credentials and be careful with the Internet reviews sites.

What to look for:

  • Evidence on their website that they can do what they say, like a portfolio, a testimonials page, or published case studies.
  • Looking at their website, is the company a thought leader in their industry? Read some of their blog articles to see if their publications solve for you – even before you contact them.
  • Do they position themselves toward being helpful or just to sell you something?
  • When you talk to their sales person, does he or she seem interested in helping you or, again, just selling you something? Hint: If they talk more about why you should buy from them, rather than probing how they can help you, that’s a bad sign.

Reason #8: I don’t have a problem, I’m happy with what I’ve got.

Again, it’s not the greatest idea to address a positive solution with negativity. You should ask the vendor what their product is going to solve for you. The burden is on the outsourcing company to quickly show you why you need their product. If their two minute “elevator pitch” excites you, next time give them perhaps 30 minutes to go further, but if their initial pitch fails, walk away and don’t feel guilty about it.

Reason #9: I have plenty of business as it is, why would I want more?

Well, I guess you don’t then. Can I refer you to my favorite charity?

Reason #10: I don't like high-tech things. They break all the time.

Yes, they do break! And we get annoyed too – despite the fact that we know how to fix most of this stuff. Want a secret? We have learned only to buy our software from companies who offer great support. Bad or non-existent support? Forget it.

Here’s just one example: WordPress is a super great web platform, and one of our favorites. But, of the 30,000 plus add-on apps that help add functionality to WordPress, a great many of those apps lack software support. Guess what? We don’t use them -- at all. The last thing we want to do is to pass our headaches onto our customers.

Key take-a-ways from this blog post:
  • Of course you're going to spend money on your business. Just do it wisely.
  • Any business that's trying to sell you something must first hear what you have to say.
  • What do you think? Of the 10 objections, we rank #7 very highly: The "trust factor."

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