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5 Cheap and Easy Construction Industry Trends for Your Marketing

[fa icon="calendar"] June 25, 2015 - Fred Thompson

Image of blackboard with "abc" written on it: 5 Cheap and Easy Construction Industry Trends for Your Marketing

The newest construction industry trends for marketing all fall into the realm of on-line, website marketing. Because of that, they're easy to execute but they also produce results. The companies who are implementing them are seeing positive ROI from their marketing efforts.

Here are five construction industry trends you can use that won’t break a sweat and won’t break your wallet.

Trend #1: Huge, Beautiful Images

Everything about the construction industry is big – projects, timeframes, and budgets. Do you want to convey what you’re about using on-line media? Use big images.

What’s changed?

  • Because the limitations of portable devices, we used to advise keeping images small. Today, processing speeds have accelerated for both tablets and smartphones. They now can handle quick rendering of higher resolution images.
  • Mobile data providers are offering faster 4G connections almost everywhere.
  • A good web platform will auto-scale large images to work with portable devices.

So go ahead, show the world, use full-width images!

Trend #2: Invite Guests to Contribute Content

Collaboration can produce a lot of value for you. People love interactive content. Here are some ideas:

  • Invite a collegue or associate to guest blog on your website.
  • Make sure your blog has “comments” turned on to invite readers to comment or ask questions.
  • Hire a content writer who can mix it up a little, and add more volume to your publishing.

Trend #3: Infographics, Visual Story-Telling

Any marketing you do needs to engage your audience – those who might be interested in your products and services. Social media, YouTube/Vimeo videos, blogs, and infographics are becoming a popular way to convey information.

Smart marketers are shifting away from pitching benefits to engaging customers at the heart level. Stories, graphics, and visuals of all kinds will touch your customers in ways words can’t.

Trend #4: Enhanced Typography

Unique fonts, more white space, more use of bullets and icons are a growing trend. The emphasis is not just on style, but on visual appeal. Using a unique font and adding white space will make a page or post more visually appealing. Visual appeal actually can lead to more conversions. A better presentation simply doesn't turn people off. They’ll stay, they’ll see what you’re offering, and some eventually will buy.

Trend #5: Personalized Content

Tired of getting generic emails? So is everyone else. What if you could personalize emails to specific people and reference specific attributes about that person, such as their company name or their title? You can, with software that handles personalization, like Hubspot's does.

Personalization can extend to “smart content.” Smart content presents a returning visitor with different content. For example, someone visits your website and they take advantage of a content offer, a free guide or catalog, perhaps. They then return for more content. A “smart” website can detect a returning visitor and offer unique content to them, such as a different or “next step” content offer, or even a different home page.

Key take-a-ways from this blog article:

  • Staying on top of trends doesn’t mean you have to invest in huge amounts of time or money.
  • The construction industry is, by nature, visually intensive.
  • Delivering better, more targeted content via your website, social media, or emails will result in more conversions.

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Written by Fred Thompson

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