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5 Keys to Getting Leads: Inbound Marketing for Construction Companies

[fa icon="calendar"] October 08, 2015 - Fred Thompson

Graphic showing Hubspot's inbound methodology for inbound Marketing for construction companies

Are you happy doing what you’ve been doing for many years and not being able to track results? Or worse, seeing your bottom line erode? If so, that's because conventional marketing is dead. 

“Conventional marketing,” "outbound marketing," and "traditional marketing, " are all the same thing. They rely on interrupt or push marketing—driving products to customers rather than attracting customers to products. Tactics like bulk mail, radio, T.V., print advertising, and billboards all fall under the category of conventional marketing.

Digital marketing often just adds to the confusion. Take outbound  marketing and add the ambiguities of SEO and PPC, and you may end up like Arnold Schwarzenegger, saying, “I need a vacation!”

What’s going on? Buyers’ habits have changed. You can’t market the way you did a few years ago, and you can’t sell the way you did a few years ago either.

Today, to sell, you must attract leads through solving their pain points and giving them what they’re looking for. Ironically, what they’re looking for hasn’t changed. Prospects still want to find value, integrity, trust, and capability—the same things you value. It’s just that the delivery mechanism has changed. The delivery mechanism is what we call, “marketing.”

Inbound marketing is the total flipside of outbound. Inbound is all about creating and sharing content that your prospects will love. By sharing content and creating offers for your dream customers, inbound attracts new leads and keeps them returning to your website for more.

Here are 5 keys that will make inbound work for you:

Inbound Key #1) Publish Content in the Right Place at the Right Time

Content, time, and place graphic for inbound Marketing for construction companies

With inbound marketing for construction companies, up to 90% of your new leads will begin their search for their construction project using the Internet. They enter some search phrase into Google’s search field and start browsing. When they find your content, read it, and like it, you win.

Inbound is about creating content that targeted to your very best customer. Blog posts, social media shares, and premium content formatted into digestible pieces like e-books or white papers are all good content.

The content must meet your customers’ basic needs for being on the Internet in the first place.

Inbound Key #2) Incorporate Lifecycle Marketing

Your promoters and evangelists don’t just drop out of the sky: They start out as those “strangers”—those people innocently Googling for solutions for their project.

Lifecycle Marketing transforms those new visitors into leads, contacts, MQL’s, SQL’s, and finally, into customers. Lifecycle marketing is all about lead intelligence and intentionality. Specific marketing actions and triggers help move visitors down the funnel to where sales can close them into customers.

Lead intelligence is knowing, beforehand, what the next logical step a lead may take before they take it. You then can tailor content, social posts, emails, etc., to addressing those next steps. Your primary objective always, is not to push but to attract.

Inbound Key #3) Use Personalization

As you learn more about your leads over time, you can increase the level of personalization in both your marketing and sales campaigns.

In email touches, you’ll want, at the least, to address your leads by name. The more you know about them or their company (if B2B), the better you can personally address their needs or concerns.

Prospects today are looking for a personal touch. If your marketing efforts seem impersonal, salesey, pushy, unsafe, or they feel you won’t take time with them, your conversion rates will suffer.

Inbound Key #4) Deliver on Multi-channel

A part of inbound methodology is to reach leads where they are. Publishing helpful tips or links to articles on social media networks will drive traffic to your website.

Putting social sharing icons on your website to allow blog visitors to share your content, automatically turns visitors into promoters, even before they become a lead.

With Hubspot marketing automation, you can trigger an email response if a lead mentions your company on Twitter, using a hashtag.

The more ponds you play in, the more fish you will catch.

Inbound Key #5) Test, Analyze, Tweak

One thing that makes inbound marketing for construction companies deliver so much positive marketing ROI is flexibility. With traditional, outbound marketing, what things ever change? You see the same marketing tactics reused decade after decade with no thought to wondering if they are working or not.

With the inbound marketing and analytics software that’s available today, like Hubspot's, you will know what parts of your marketing efforts are performing well and what aren’t. For example, if a landing page isn’t getting the conversion rate it should, perhaps something on that page is turning off your most desirable customers. To fix, either the landing page could be edited, or an A/B test could be run to find out what will work better.


In the mid-90’s with the Internet, everything changed in the way people go about getting information. Inbound methodology addresses those changes.

Inbound also empowers marketers to engage prospects in ways that delight them and produce revenue. Inbound doesn’t just happen automatically; you have to do it. You have to acquire the skill sets and work the methodology—or hire someone else to do it.

Get leads. Get sales. Get our Blueprint!

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Fred Thompson

Written by Fred Thompson

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