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5 Marketing Mistakes CEO's Make in Marketing a Log Homes Business

[fa icon="calendar"] June 02, 2015 - Fred Thompson

Trashcan with paper wads: 5 Marketing Mistakes CEO's Make in Marketing a Log Homes Business

Are there some key mistakes you’re making in marketing a log homes business or log homes manufacturing company that you own? Old habits die hard. If you’re looking to turn your marketing spend into positive ROI (translate: get more business), they it’s time to say “good bye” to old habits and execute things that will grow your business.

Marketing Mistake #5: “Look at Me”

Symptom: “I want what they have.”

You want your potential customers to know the products you offer are better than the competitions'. The way to achieve that is not to buy some one-size-fits-all marketing template and hope it works.

And seeing that a competitor is successful at something doesn’t mean you necessarily clone what they're doing either. Depends.

Start by looking at your growth goals and plans to achieve those goals. What? No goals? It’s never too late to start.

Marketing Mistake #4: “Awareness Equals More Sales”

Symptom: “If they know who we are, they’ll want to buy from us.”

Marketing is not about creating brand awareness. Do you think the people who are dedicated McDonalds fans have never heard of Burger King?

Here are some other things marketing is not about: It’s not about SEO, page ranking, how many backlinks, or website traffic.

Marketing Mistake #3: Doing Push (not Inbound) Marketing

Symptom: “It takes 21 impressions before they’ll actually pick up the phone and call us.”

So let’s spend more money on what’s not working? Do you like interrupt marketing? So you open all your junk mail (and emails) and scour those pages from top to bottom? If so, let me know. I'll send you an email.

Think as a customer and not an owner/marketeer. Would you really read it?

Marketing Mistake #2: Hiring the Wrong Specialists

Symptom: “Joe, we need to spend more on that PPC campaign. Go hire someone to help with that.”

Today, everyone’s an expert. Shake any tree and a “web designer” falls out. Ask any web designer about inbound marketing for a log homes business and they’ll say, “Sure, we do that.”

The plain truth is: If they can't help with planning and goals, can’t forecast ROI, and can’t track results (I mean with real numbers), then they are not an expert.

Marketing Mistake #1: Working Hard at What No Longer Works

Symptom: “We need to run more display ads to jumpstart leads and sales”

This worked a few years ago, let’s do it again and hope it works again.

Do you have a favorite way to do marketing? Why, if it worked before, surely it must work again, right?

When was the last time someone came to you and said, “You know that PPC campaign we’ve been running for the last ten years? We need to spend more on it this year.” Or maybe it’s a video series/product show/magazine print ads/webinar series/artwork/national radio/local T.V./kid running around handing out stuff.

This is marketing tunnel vision. Mr. Einstein would not like this.


Are you making these mistakes? If so, I’d personally love to have a chat with you. We’ll talk about your pain points, marketing and sales goals, things like “Smarketing,” your plans, and creating positive ROI from your marketing.

Welcome to marketing a log homes business in the age of the Internet – where change is now the norm.

 Key take-a-ways from this article:

  • Old habits die hard so kill them quickly.
  • Today, if you can’t track results, it’s guesswork, not marketing.
  • Push marketing brings results, but at high cost, and great frustration with the little ability to track results.

Thinking of pulling the trigger, but need more information? We'd love to run a free marketing analysis for you and then I'd like to talk with you about the results!

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