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6 Super Simple SEO Tips for Commercial Cleaning Marketing

[fa icon="calendar"] October 10, 2016 - Fred Thompson

A clean commercial bathroom: 6 Super Simple SEO Tips for Commercial Cleaning Marketing

To leverage the power of the Internet, your website must get found both by the potential customers you'd like to reach, and by search engines. Why is that important? Because, by far, the most effective way to get commercial cleaning leads is through Internet marketing.

Why Internet marketing for commercial cleaning is an ROI goldmine: 

  • Cost-effective. Commercial cleaning marketing via the Internet offers a far lower Cost Per Lead (CPL) than conventional marketing does.
  • Efficient. The Internet is your 24/7 sales person who never calls out sick, never takes a break, and is always pointing leads to you.
  • Flexible. Advanced Internet marketing with list segmentation and email automation targets leads according to where they are in the buyer's journey, putting very effective marketing on auto-pilot.
  • 57% of your leads will have spent some time researching their purchase decision before contacting you (source: How are they going to do their research? By using the Internet.

The most important thing you must do, either to get you started with commercial cleaning marketing on the Internet or to help you fine-tune what you're doing already, falls in the realm of SEO. Let's see how this works:

SEO Your Website

SEO graphic for Commercial Cleaning Marketing Using the InternetThe marketing metric here is very simple: website traffic = leads. Getting website traffic is like sending people through the front door of your reception area where you can nurture the lead into becoming a customer.

There is neither magic nor mystique in SEO. With the advent of Google's smart algorithms, the old "black hat" tricks SEO consultants formerly used will hurt you if you use them now. Today's rule is to optimize for your readers, keeping in mind that search engines will also "read" what you put on your website. 

Here are some easy tip you can use to optimize your website:

Tip #1: Navigation needs to be clear and sensible (

Use a menu item and page for each service you offer, e.g., "Office Cleaning," "Carpet Cleaning," etc.

Tip #2: Page titles need to communicate clearly what your page is about. 

Tip #3:Use relevant and original content on pages.

Try to have at least 250 words per page. This is a very relative number. Google will down-rank pages with "thin" content (source: Google) but they don't specifically rank by word count. "Thin content" also is stuff you've copied from somewhere else on the Internet. Don't do that.

Tip #4:Add images to pages using ALT descriptive tags.

ALT tags are used say what the image is about. Search engines can't "see" photos. They must read what you say they're about. 

Tip #5: Check your inbound links or back links.

These are links to your website that are posted elsewhere on the Internet. Check the links for "link authority." Semrush has an outstanding tool for checking links and link authority. Get it here. Hint: We have found that local Chambers of Commerce have among the highest link authority for local businesses. It may be worth joining a Chamber, paying the fee, and getting your listing on their website just for the click-throughs you'll get from that one source. Try it for a year.

Tip #6: Meta tags.

These are simply descriptive snippets you place on the backend of each page that clue people and search engines what your page is about. 

The points above are a great place to start. Once you're all set here, you can more on to blogging and leverage the power of keywords. 

 Key take-a-ways from this blog article:

  • Using the Internet is the most efficient way to get commercial cleaning leads.
  • Many people will research before contacting you, so getting found is important. 
  • Your website, first and foremost, needs to be both people and search engine-friendly.
  • ALT tags, meta tags, and back links form the nitty-gritty of SEO work, but still are important.
  • "Content rules," so use fresh content, write a few paragraphs per page, and don't clone text from somewhere else. 

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