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Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson is the owner of New Destiny Media; Fred loves working side-by-side with business owners to create successful marketing campaigns that grown their business. When Fred is not working, he is spending time with his three very active children at home. He is an avid problem solver (MacGyver), Loves anything Martial Arts related and Social Media gets him excited about work.

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Happy Thanksgiving

November 23, 2016 | by Fred Thompson | in Inbound Marketing

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our customers! We are thankful for all of the business you have blessed us with at New Destiny Media. We hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with you and your family! 

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How Inbound Marketing Can Develop Commercial Cleaning Leads

November 22, 2016 | by Fred Thompson | in Inbound Marketing

The key to developing commercial cleaning leads is to leverage the magic of inbound marketing through the Internet. Inbound is "the" key, not "a" key. That's because both customers' buying habits have changed and so have the ways to attract them. 

Case study: New Destiny Media, LLC

In just over one month, New Destiny Media's blogging series, centered around helping the cleaning industry to develop commercial cleaning leads, is producing great results. We don't normally look for great results until about three months after launching a given blog series.

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Construction Industry Trends: Setting Goals for Increased Revenue

November 18, 2016 | by Fred Thompson | in Construction Marketing

With the construction industry poised to grow into the double digits for the coming year, company owners and marketers are setting goals to make sure they gain a better share of this increased revenue (source: U.S. Construction trends and outlook).

Because of the Internet and the advent of inbound marketing, marketing tactics have changed a lot. Because of these changes, I wrote in another blog article, "for the ambitious construction company CEO or marketer, stepping into this new way of marketing can reap enormous ROI."

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Marketing for Construction Companies: Inbound vs Outbound

November 10, 2016 | by Fred Thompson | in Construction Marketing

You've doing everything to get leads:
  • Trolling for leads at tradeshows.
  • Doing podcasts.
  • News releases.
  • Email outreach campaigns.
  • Brochures.
  • Radio.
  • And the kid who hangs up hang tags.

I want to interject and say one thing: We don't do any of theses marketing practices in the paragraph above. None of it.

Marketing for construction companies comes in one of two distinct sets of tactics: Inbound vs outbound. Period. Really. You can get leads and sales and smash your competitors using either methodology. One requires money, and lots of it. The other requires what we call “lead intelligence,” and lots of that too.

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The Top Facebook Marketing Trends for Construction Companies

October 20, 2016 | by Fred Thompson | in Construction Marketing

84% of inbound marketers reported that social media as a lead source has become more important to them over the last 6 months, according to the State of Inbound 2014-2015. We agree, as we’ve seen our referral traffic explode. Facebook, as a lead source, is among the most important social media trends for construction companies who want to grow.

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Professional Services Marketing: How We Increased Our Profit Margins

October 17, 2016 | by Fred Thompson | in Inbound Marketing

This is a little different -- because we’re giving something away here. That “something” is a recent key to our success as a professional services marketing agency. The thought occurred to me, if we’re in business to solve for our customers, why not give away some of our secret sauce?

We often like to ask company owners and marketers about their marketing challenges. The two pain points we hear all the time are, “I need to increase margins,” and “I’m up to capacity. I’d like to take on more work but I don't have the personnel.”

Both of these issues are connected. In their simplest form, they can be solved by:

  1. Cutting costs and raising prices to solve for margins.
  2. Fixing HR issues by better recruiting and higher compensation packages.

You know if your margins increase, you can afford to hire better people – or more of them, fixing capacity issues. Why not be like Nike, and “just do it?” Here's our story:

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Internet Marketing for Commercial Cleaning: Mastering the Long Tail

October 13, 2016 | by Fred Thompson | in Inbound Marketing

The #1 goal of all of your marketing efforts is to get new customers, correct? But before you get a new customer, you've got to get a lead - and there are other factors, like getting traffic to your website, qualifying the lead, quoting, and closing. You know the drill!

When it comes to Internet marketing, the one crucial factor, is getting traffic to your website.

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6 Super Simple SEO Tips for Commercial Cleaning Marketing

October 10, 2016 | by Fred Thompson | in Inbound Marketing

To leverage the power of the Internet, your website must get found both by the potential customers you'd like to reach, and by search engines. Why is that important? Because, by far, the most effective way to get commercial cleaning leads is through Internet marketing.

Why Internet marketing for commercial cleaning is an ROI goldmine: 

  • Cost-effective. Commercial cleaning marketing via the Internet offers a far lower Cost Per Lead (CPL) than conventional marketing does.
  • Efficient. The Internet is your 24/7 sales person who never calls out sick, never takes a break, and is always pointing leads to you.
  • Flexible. Advanced Internet marketing with list segmentation and email automation targets leads according to where they are in the buyer's journey, putting very effective marketing on auto-pilot.
  • 57% of your leads will have spent some time researching their purchase decision before contacting you (source: executiveboard.com). How are they going to do their research? By using the Internet.

The most important thing you must do, either to get you started with commercial cleaning marketing on the Internet or to help you fine-tune what you're doing already, falls in the realm of SEO. Let's see how this works:

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Five Keys to Online Marketing for Construction Companies

October 07, 2016 | by Fred Thompson | in Construction Marketing

Successful marketing for a construction company has changed in recent years. What's changed? The advent of the Internet, websites, social media, blogging. Today, most businesses who are not engaging the world of the Internet and inbound marketing are not getting the sales they otherwise could receive.

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Construction Company SEO: The 3 Steps to Nailing Your Keyword Strategy

October 03, 2016 | by Fred Thompson | in Inbound Marketing, Construction Marketing

Whether you’re doing persona research or publishing content, you need a keyword strategy. While targeting a buyer persona forms the foundation of an inbound strategy, keywords form the basis of a persona for construction company SEO.

Your inbound campaigns need to attract visitors to your blog or social networks in order for you to get leads. To attract your key persona to what you publish, you’re going to have to anticipate the keyword phrases your persona will search for on the Internet. They’ll then search for solutions to key questions they have. Once they find you and your solutions, you’ll have some top-of-the-funnel leads.

Nail down your keyword strategy for construction company SEO with these three steps:

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Construction Company Marketing: 3 Easy Steps to Get Leads from Social

September 30, 2016 | by Fred Thompson | in Blogging

This two to three minute read is designed to point you in the direction of getting leads from your construction company marketing through social networks.

Construction company marketing is more than just writing a few blog articles. If your goal is to get new leads (as it should be) and you’re not doing any inbound marketing on social networks, you’re losing the #2 best way to get new leads from the Internet.

Check out these stats:

1) 44% of B2B marketers have generated leads via LinkedIn, 39% have generated leads through Facebook and 30% through Twitter. (Source: ReachForce)

2) Revenue increased for 24% of businesses when they utilized social media for lead generation. (Source: SproutSocial)
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Tech Industry SEO: Get Found with these 5 Simple Tips

September 28, 2016 | by Fred Thompson | in Inbound Marketing


Executing tech industry SEO is crucial to getting found mainly because you’re competing against an enormous volume of information on the Internet. For example, searching for “tech industry” on Google returns a whopping 500+ million pages of content. That’s a lot.

The tech industry, like a few other industries (automobiles and real estate for example), suffers from information overload. Worse, Internet visitors are finding out that some of the content is good while much of it is junk. So if you going to get found, you’ll need to do tech industry SEO that will fish the kind of prospects you’re looking for out of the sea of all the other content that’s out there.

Since you’re going to either spend money or go the DYI route to ramp up your online presence, why not see a good return on that spend? Doing SEO the right way is one key to getting the positive marketing ROI you’d love to see.

Doing SEO according to best practices can create big wins because so many companies, even big ones like Ebay, according to Larry Kim of WordStream, are not are not using SEO best practices. So let’s do it right!

Tip #1: Keywords

For tech industry SEO, the greatest value you possibly could achieve will be by using keywords correctly. I’m going to show you how to leverage the power of keywords in an unconventional way. So ditch some of the things you’ve read already, ditch all your software including Google Analytics (say what?), and follow the steps that follow.

Good software like Hubspot’s keyword tool can be a great help, but you don’t have to start with any software to greatly improve your SEO—maybe even tenfold. Here’s how:

  1. Pick a long-tail keyword you’re trying to rank for. Obviously, the keyword needs to tie into what you’re trying to sell. Let’s use an example for a smartphone app development company. Posing as a potential lead, I Googled, “smartphone app development.” The SERPs returned 30 million results. Who cares because your valued customers are only going to click on the top three results on page one anyway.
  2. The top ranked result of my search was a blog article from Mashable entitled, “12 Essential Resources for Building a Killer Mobile App.” Fantastic. There’s your keyword: resources for building a (killer) mobile app. The word killer would be optional, but it added interest which is very good.

You’ve got your first keyword. Let’s use it.

Tip #2: Page Titles

Super simple here. Titles are important for several reasons:

  1. They attract visitors if they look interesting.
  2. They form part of the URL of your blog or web page, assuming you have URL-friendly web platform like WordPress or Hubspot’s COS.

Just pick your title and keep it under about 70 characters.

Tip #3: Content

Because there is so much thin content for tech industry SEO, you first need to decide that you’re not going to be in the business of adding to that mess on the Internet. You have challenge. Here’s how to overcome it:

  1. Write an original piece. Use your keyword, like the keyword example from Mashable above, "resources for building a killer mobile app." Incorporate the keyword 3-5 times in your article. Perhaps you’ve discovered some better resource than everyone else or
  2. You found the same resources but you are clarifying or repurposing the vast amount of information on the web into an article that’s more easily digestible.
  3. Remember that we’re now living in a world where people want information faster and faster. So maybe instead of an article, you create an infographic, a quick visualization of valuable information.

Make sure you write to educate your audience. I’ve written a lot about how to blog, so I don’t want to repeat myself here. Just keep your #1 best customer in mind when creating content.

Tip #4: Images

The realm of tech industry SEO benefits from good graphics because of the technical and aesthetic nature of the industry. If your products work well and look great, you win. But you'll need to communicate that. You’ll need images that are not just good, but very good. Use your images smartly. And use image “alt” tags to:

  • Describe your image. Search engines can’t see images so you’ll need to say what they’re about.
  • Add your keyword to the alt tag again, for searchability.

Tip #5: Links


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