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5 Ways Online Marketing for Construction Companies Unlocks ROI

[fa icon="calendar"] June 21, 2016 - Fred Thompson

Did you know that the most efficient path to success is not by focusing on sales, it’s by focusing on ROI? Focusing on sales does not take into account your cost per lead (CPL). You can gain leads, but at what cost?

Inbound marketing employs the amazing, and still largely untapped, potential of the Internet to attract new customers. Old-school marketing, or outbound marketing, tends to annoy rather than attract potential customers.

Let’s look at 5 ways online marketing for construction companies is the key to future success:

1) Inbound Unlocks ROI

Inbound marketing nets a fantastic return on investment from a lower pay out to a marketing agency and higher leads-to-sales gains compared with outbound.

ROI Impact: 5 Ways Online Marketing for Construction Companies Unlocks ROI

2) Proving ROI Unlocks Budget

If you’re going to run with inbound marketing for a construction company and are not going to track ROI, you are doing a massive disservice to yourself and your company.

To know if you’re efforts are being successful or not, you must be able to track results, measure areas of success, and know when to tweak things to gain even more success.

The single greatest reason to continue inbound marketing campaigns is past success.Inbound budgets: 5 Ways Online Marketing for Construction Companies Unlocks ROI

 Improving ROI can safeguard your budget even against unforseen factors such as a downturn in business.

3) "Getting Found" Drives Positive ROI

High ROI performing companies that already have adopted inbound methodologies prioritize generating content as an extension of their company, so they can “get found.” Building an audience on the web through inbound tactics along with good SEO, is the quickest path to generating quality leads.

Blogging as a form of content generation, combined with inbound strategy, will have the most substantial impact on marketing performance using the Internet.

Importance of Blogging: 5 Ways Online Marketing for Construction Companies Unlocks ROIIt's important not to believe that "content marketing" is the same as "inbound marketing." Inbound relies on a specific form of content marketing to drive its engine, but content without inbound will fail. Content marketing alone lacks strategy, metrics, and formulaic things like calls-to-actions, content offers, and landing pages.

Content marketing alone is like having a nice boat out in the middle of the Atlantic but without a compass: "We're going somewhere, but we're not sure where."

4) ROI Is Directly Linked to Cost per Lead

The factor that drives inbound is that, regardless of company size, inbound practices always net a lower cost per lead than conventional marketing does – up to 68% less, in fact, for companies under 200 employees.

The actual costs are relative; no matter what the actual expenses are, inbound produces qualified leads at substantially lower costs.

Cost per Lead: 5 Ways Online Marketing for Construction Companies Unlocks ROI


5) Inbound is Not Just Marketing, It's Also Selling

When the engine that drives ROI is running well, it shows that marketing and sales processes are properly aligned. Inbound will attract and deliver leads, but the process can hang if lead quality, lead volume and other expectations are not clearly communicated between marketing and sales.


Smaller companies can be concerned with capacity: “What if I get too many leads?” Wouldn’t that be nice! Larger companies need to bring marketing and sales to the same table. And both larger and smaller companies benefit from having a current SLA in place. For example, marketing needs to be sure prospects are informed that they are going to be connected to a rep or estimator before the lead is turned over to sales.

Another perk in developing ROI, is that inbound-sourced leads will become more familiar with your company prior to being contacted by a member of your sales team. As a result, sales will have less work in building trust and securing a close. Time is money; the less time and effort spent in lead acquisition equals lower cost per lead.

Key take-a-ways from this blog post:

  • Running the right campaign rather than any campaign is crucial to success.
  • Agency costs vs return are lower with inbound.
  • Content marketing is sustainable only when coupled with inbound.

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