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How to Automate Your Marketing for Construction Companies by Using Hubspot

[fa icon="calendar"] July 12, 2016 - Fred Thompson

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The professional version of Hubspot’s marketing automation software is a full-featured suite for content marketing and email marketing. It also includes a very nice CRM, and an advanced tool to automate many aspects of sales and marketing.

I wanted to do a walk-though of a few of the simpler, “must do” features you can use to automate your marketing once you have the software integrated with your overall marketing strategy.

Before I begin, I want to make note of one little ultra-cool tool that’s not talked about very much—Hubspot’s clone tool. What is it? With Hubspot, once you set up one thing, whether it’s a blog, email, CTA, or landing page, or marketing automation (workflow), you can clone it into a new version.

If you right-click on about anything, you’ll see clone as one of the options. The clone tool makes a mirror copy of something. Once you have the copy, you can edit as you please, rename, and presto, you have a new version of something in a matter of seconds. The clone tool will auot-generate CSS IDs, and retains all formatting, enabling you to create, for example, a new automated workflow very quickly, and without risking formatting or style errors if you had to create a new one from the beginning.

What is a Workflow?

A workflow is a marketing automation tool in Hubspot that enables you to launch specific actionable tasks with potential customers based on their interactions with you.

A Multi-level Workflow Example

  1. A top of the funnel visitor clicks on a call-to-action (CTA) on your website. They are now a lead in your database.
  2. A workflow is triggered to send them a short email within a few minutes of their interaction on your website.
  3. At some future time, they return to your website for more information. A smart CTA delivers them a new, higher end, content offer.
  4. They download that offer. Another, basic workflow is triggered, sending them another personalized email thanking them for their download.
  5. That lead returns a third time but instead of downloading anything or filling out a form, the lead visits your products page and your pricing page.
  6. A new workflow is triggered, but this time instead of emailing the lead, an email is triggered to an internal member of your sales team alerting them that lead is now an MQL, and prompting for a personal call to the potential customer.

Workflow in Hubspot tool in marketing for construction companies

Why a Workflow Can Help Your Marketing

We’re living in an age where the customer drives the sales process. Potential customers will arrive at your website looking for something—answers, information, solutions, just to name a few topics.

Beyond that, customers are looking for a persona touch. When we were checking out Hubspot for our agency, we were impressed that a sales rep responded to an email on a Sunday. We later found out it was a highly personalized, but automated email response. Because of that very positive experience, we now have our automated workflows set up to deliver responses by email, seven days per week, from the hours of 7 AM to 9 PM (we don’t want to convey the idea we’re on email at 2 AM, etc.).

We also like to set up internal notifications for a lot of actions visitors may take on your website. For example, whenever anyone downloads anything, sales gets an immediate notification, and the visitor gets an email after a slight delay—perhaps a few minutes.

We often don’t respond directly to top of the funnel, first-time visitors. But if someone fills out a request for quote form, or a request for an analysis form, we want to know of that action immediately so we can respond personally and appropriately.

How to Get Started

Here are two options:

  • You might check out this article showing how to set up workflows easily.
  • We can set you up with a demo, plus a free website marketing analysis. We also take a look at some of your key competitors’ websites too. Marketing for construction companies normally involves strategizing how to get ahead of your competition, making this is a popular option.

Creating workflows can be fun because of the time-saving and greater impact upon your brand as you begin to service your clients more effectively.

Have questions or comments on marketing automation? Please keep the discussion going by sharing below!

Key take-a-ways from this blog article:

  • Using workflows accomplished two things: 1) Time-saving. 2) Boosting your brand because of more personalize interaction with your clients.
  • Choosing software can be tedious. Chose based on: 1) Ease of use 2) Feature set 3) Support.
  • Setting up workflows should not be tedious. With Hubspot’s clone tool, once you have one set up, you can create others with ease.

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Written by Fred Thompson

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