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Marketing for Construction Companies: Learning from Your Competition

[fa icon="calendar"] June 24, 2016 - Fred Thompson

Are you trying to grow your business this year? Have you established some smart goals for the year and established actions to achieve those goals?

Marketing for Construction Companies: Learning from Your Competition

One of the most effective tactics in marketing for construction companies is to analyze your competition. In the construction industry, this is not that hard. Construction companies are very visible, not hidden in some back office, and no key card required to get in the door.

While you shouldn't agonize over your competition, you should know what they're doing.

All bets suggest that either your competitors are failing to do something or they're not doing it right. So all you need to do is find out, do what they're not doing, and do it right. By "doing it right" I mean doing things that yeild ROI.

Analyze your competition in 3 easy steps. Things to look for and what to do with what you find:

 #1 - Look at your competitors' websites

Your website (and any competitor's website) is the digital front door of your company. Those who come through the physical front door of your company often are thinking of buying something.

Your website is the same is all respects except one: An average website will get more wasted traffic through the "front door" than at a physical location. Good inbound marketing tactics are the only solution to getting the right traffic to your website.

A website that attracts the right leads will be your most efficient lead generating machine, never sleeping, never calling out sick, never tiring.

A good website will be designed to funnel in qualified leads, not just attract random traffic.

Here are some things to look for on your competitors' websites:

  • Is their content educational and inviting?
  • Is their website mobile-friendly? (use Google's tool)
  • Are they blogging regularly, offering helpful and inviting information?
  • Do they have any offers or calls-to-actions on the site?
  • Is their design clean, with plenty of white space, using original high quality images, and is the styling inviting?

#2 - Identify your competitors' primary or ideal customer

This is harder than identifying a competitors' product lines or services. You need to find our who their primary type of customer is and if you want to go after that customer or carve out some better niche for yourself. It's always better to find your own niche, but that doesn't mean you won't be competing for the same customer.

If you're going to go after a competitor's ideal customer, you need to understand more about that customer than your competitor does.

Why? Because then you can devise a marketing strategy to better attract that customer.

#3 - Identify your competitors' product lines and services

Here's the 3-part strategy in this:

  1. Discover what they're selling by looking at their website, going to trade shows frequented by construction companies, etc.
  2. Are they up to date in their technology?
  3. Surely you have found some lacking, so talk up those things. Talk materials, coatings, load-bearing, concrete curing, etc.

When you promote your strengths, do so in a way that educates your potential customers, not in a way that calls attention to yourself. To do that: publish blog articles, and lots of them, on your website: e.g., "how to's," "why this issue is mission-critical," etc.

Key take-a-ways from this blog article:

  • Be aware of your competition but don't obsess over them.
  • Your #1 marketing ROI with lowest cost per lead will come from your website.
  • Learning from their customer base will inform you of ROI-producing actionable items.
  • You'll attract more leads be seeking to educate them rather than trying to close them too early in the game.

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Fred Thompson

Written by Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson is the owner of New Destiny Media; Fred loves working side-by-side with business owners to create successful marketing campaigns that grown their business. When Fred is not working, he is spending time with his three very active children at home. He is an avid problem solver (MacGyver), Loves anything Martial Arts related and Social Media gets him excited about work.