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Build Great Page Content for Commercial Cleaning Services

[fa icon="calendar"] December 30, 2014 - Fred Thompson

page_content_successBuilding a great web page for residential cleaning services and commercial cleaning services can be easy. There are certain elements in each web page that you have to have in order to engage your residential cleaning or commercial cleaning customer effectively. The end goal of each page is to generate a lead that will turn into a customer. The main elements of a great web page are:



  1. Page Title
  2. Headings
  3. Body
  4. SEO, Use of images, CTA's (Calls to Action)



Let’s get started with Page Title. For a long time I didn't think much about the page title. I thought this was just whatever I came up with, but that is far from the truth. Oh how silly I was in the early days. Here are the important things to know about PAGE TITLES:

  1. Keep it to 70 characters or less (too much is just too much)
  2. Write your title to describe your content
  3. Place keywords in the title near the beginning of the title
  4. Include your company name at the end of the title
  5. Use unique page titles (don't copy others or reuse your titles over and over)

Here's an example of a catchy page title from one of our blog posts:


Page Titles can help to attract your cleaning customers or turn them off from visiting your website. The point is, a good page title will help to attract customers to you and will help to grow your business. Page titles are also geared towards the buyer persona (your "iedal" customer) that you want to attract and do business with.

Residential Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning Customers may be more focused on all natural cleaning products or green residential cleaning services. So here are a couple examples of titles for pages that you may want to create: 

  1. 5 Simple Green Cleaning Tips for Commercial Cleaning Services
  2. Great Green Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services Products
  3. Simple Residential Green Cleaning tips for the Holidays

The one thing in common with all of these Page Titles is GREEN CLEANING. The rest of the title is focused on the type of buyer persona that you are trying to attract. Long Tail keywords are important to use in your page title for attracting customers.



I love headings! They draw attention to the content in the body of your page. Sometimes it gets confusing trying to differentiate one type of content from another. That is where headings are so great. Headings are a piece of text which appears larger than the other text around it to bring emphasis on that section.

This is the first heading in our article. Notice how this heading matches the title to the page. Normally the first heading to the page does match the title of the page for consistency for the consumer. This allows them to identify that they are on the correct page. Headings help to define the different sections of your article. Here's a great example of a heading and the content text associated with it:

heading_example_blogginFor example: If you are writing a paragraph on green cleaning techniques, then you would entitle your heading: Simple Commercial Green Cleaning Techniques. That way the customer can easily skim through the article and pick out what sections they want to read. Customers won’t always read through the whole article but they will hone in on the content that is most important to them. Now comes the meat and potatoes of the page…


3. BODY (Content)

I am sure that at some point in your marketing online you have heard the phrase "Content is KING". Content is the fuel that should drive your marketing strategies. Content in your website should be quality. It should be well-defined to attract your customers to you in your online presence.

Now if you are like me, the first time that someone told me I had to blog on a regular basis, I cringed a little. I am not a natural writer and that is why it was so overwhelming to me. But you don’t have to be a professional writer to have a successful blog. But you do have to follow certain rules about building a great webpage and attracting your cleaning customers to you.

The elements of the BODY should be:

  1. Writing Content: Write at least 500 words for Google to crawl and catalog your page.

  2. SEO – Search Engine Optimize your article: To do this effectively you have to start with your buyer persona and find the best keywords that they are interested in. Long-tail keywords are not a guessing game to effectively generate cleaning services leads. You have to do the research about your buyers persona and use the most effective long-tail keywords. 
  3. Use images (One image per page)

Insert an image related to your article. Google wants at least one image in your article. The image should relate to your commercial cleaning customer or residential cleaning customer. Just any old image will not do.

4. Call to Actions (CTAs)


What is a CTA? A CTA is an instruction to your commercial cleaning customer to provoke an immediate response. You want to attract the customer and get them to click on your CTA to try and convert and close them into customers.



Here are some of the elements good word choices of a great CTA:

  • Use actionable language
  • Download
  • Free
  • Buy
  • Submit
  • Subscribe
  • Align your CTA with the copy in your article
  • Play up its time-sensitivity

Without a CTA you will miss a great opportunity to convert and close your customer. 

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