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Commercial Cleaning Marketing: The Importance of Blogging

[fa icon="calendar"] February 01, 2015 - Fred Thompson

This article is a companion to my post entitled, "Commercial Cleaning Marketing: How to SEO Your Website."

While SEO is important for commercial cleaning marketing and it will produce results, blogging will pull in more people through the front door of your website than anything else. According to Invive, 77% of internet users read blogs. Commercial cleaning is an industry ripe for blogging because i thas such high potential for writing about so many topics and comparatively few are doing it.

The most effective way to get traffic to your website is by blogging on the Internet. In fact, a study shows that business blogging leads to 55% more website visitors (source: Hubspot). Why are visitors important? Because visitors equal potential customers.

Commercial Cleaning Marketing: The Importance of Blogging

Why Will Blogging Work To Grow Your Business?

Because blogging produces traffic and positions you as an industry authority.

What happens when you post a blog article? It will appear on the Internet and people (and search engines) will find it. Some will find it immediately, because they've subscribed, or they see a social media post about it, or they get an email alert, or they find it via a Google search.

Even though every blog should be educational, there's still a strategy to consider:

  • Strategic blogging is targeting a certain audience, so you need to know who you're targeting. In another blog that I wrote, "How to Develop Commercial Cleaning Leads Through the Internet," I talk about developing "buyer personas." Personas can help your targeting.
  • You need to focus on narrow topics to get found in Google searches. A blog simply entitled, "Commercial Cleaning" won't get very far, but an article entitled, "The 10 most effective green bathroom cleaning products" would be of value because it's very specific.
  • A blog is an outstanding way to intersect with your potential lead at a specific stage of the buyer's journey.

Commercial Cleaning Marketing: The Importance of Blogging


That's All Nice, but How do I Begin Blogging?

A good blog starts with a good topic.

Before you chose a topic, you need to know as much about your best lead as possible and you need to know where they might be in the buyer's journey. For example, you would not write about "The 10 most effective green bathroom cleaning products" for someone shopping to hire a commercial cleaning company. You might choose a topic like, "The 25 areas commercial cleaners often miss." Get the idea? 

Since choosing topics and their associated titles can be hard, we often suggest using a blog title generator, such as Hubspot's. You can have some fun with this by entering different words in the three fields and viewing the results. You even can calendar out a month's worth of topics. 

A good blog contains good keywords.

Keyword usage is still a valuable SEO concept. Choosing good keywords will help you write a blog article and will help the article get found in search results. Again, since there are so many blogs out there on the Internet, drilling down to specific topics using specific keywords is more important than ever.

We like to suggest starting with because it's easy to use and will deliver good keyword choices. Next, Google's Key Word Planner is a great tool because it will display keyword competition. Unless you have been blogging for a long time, chose low competition keywords. 

How to use Google's Keyword Planner in 6 simple steps:

  1. Logon to Google Ad Words (don't worry, accounts are free)
  2. Navigate to "Tools > Keyword Planner" in the top menu.
  3. Select "Search for new keyword and ad group ideas.
  4. Enter a keyword phrase, and hit enter.
  5. Select the tab "Keyword ideas."
  6. Click on the "Competition" column, and sort for low competition.

You should be seeing a great selection of keywords. You can then pick some that you think might work, and do some organic searches to see how others are using them.

A good blogger is consistent.

Now that you have some idea of where to begin, start writing. Write a blog article at least once per week and post it on your website. Writing a blog two or three times per week will render top results, but many business people lack the time to produce that much content. 

It's ultra-important to keep going once you have started. In order to begin to get good traffic, you must keep writing. Within a few months, you should see a significant increase in web traffic. Remember, traffic = leads. 

 Key take-a-ways from this blog article:

  • Using the Internet is the most efficient way to get commercial cleaning leads.
  • Your website, first and foremost, needs to be both people and search engine-friendly.
  • Blogging is the most effective action to take to produce website traffic.
  • Blogs should be targeted to a buyer persona and to their position in the buyer's journey.
  • Begin every blog with a topic that will educate and add value, using niche market keywords. 

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