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Commercial Construction Marketing: 5 Reasons People Hate Banner Ads

[fa icon="calendar"] August 27, 2015 - Fred Thompson

A man is angry about being badgered by a megaphone illustrating why people hate banner ads for commercial construction marketing

Banner advertising is a form of PPC (pay per click) advertising. You pay for display advertising, hoping someone will click on your ad. According to WordStream, the form of PPC that is most popular, is buying search engine ranking. Although banner ads are not in the category of search engine ranking, they still account for a large portion of the more than 37 billion dollars American marketers spend on digital advertising each year.

Despite the ongoing glory of PPC banner advertising, it’s glory is fading. Let's see why.

Reasons Why Banner Ads Hurt ROI

Reason #1—One of the hottest commercial construction trends is moving from PPC to organic or Inbound Marketing. Why is that? While you can work really hard and get decent marketing conversion rates on PPC, you’ll spend a small fortune to get there. Making the shift of organic, using Inbound, will return a far better conversion rate, at better ROI.

Marketing conversion rate: The percentage of people who see your ad vs the number who actually click on it.

Sales conversion rate—or close ratio: The number of leads who actually buy.

Reason #2—Inbound for commercial construction marketing is not banner advertising, it’s organic SEM (search engine marketing). You’re not paying each time someone clicks on your content like you will with Google Adwords or Facebook. Your ranking occurs organically; you’re not paying for top ranking. You earn it through publishing awesome content.

Reason #3—People are just tired of advertising. Period.

People Hate Banner Ads Because...

They’re Irrelevant and Miss Their Target

Last month I visited my favorite car dealer’s website to look at their latest models. Since they tracked my activities on their site, now when I log onto Facebook, their ad server displays an ad showing the car I looked at on the dealer's site. I know every time I click on that ad, they pay, but worse, when I click on it, I’ll get to see the same old information I looked at a month ago on their website. Would you please share something new?

So what do I do? I perform a Google search looking for fresh information on my favorite car and I land on every other website but that car dealer's. This is great for my car dealer’s competition because the competition stands a chance to snag me away as a potential lead.

Do you see? Delivering the same ad is not just irrelevant, it misses its target. I already know what car I’m planning to buy, so hounding me with more and more of the same just won’t work. Waste of money for the vendor.

So, when you’re planning your commercial construction marketing campaigns, what are you going to do?

They’re Annoying

Occasionally you still can visit some antiquated website with some flashing ad. Nothing really has changed. Today, visit just about any blog site (not ours) and in 2-5 seconds, your viewport is obliterated by a popup ad begging you to click on something, often a subscription form. On a desktop monitor you easily can click away from the ad, but on mobile device, forget it. Bye bye content. I can’t stand those popups. What about you?

People’s preferences have changed today. You won’t gain ground be creating annoyances. You will by offering up quality, trust, and integrity—basically, having great content.

They Don’t Create Value for the Website Visitor

Why do people visit the Internet in terms of marketing?

  1. To get educated about an upcoming purchase decision.
  2. To solve a pain point.
  3. To try to overcome the last bad purchase in the same product category.
  4. To find a vendor for a product they are ready to purchase.

If you’re running ads, or publishing content that is only about you—self-promotion, you’ll capture a small percentage of my #4 point above—those who are ready to buy. BTW: That’s the smallest percentage of those who visit the Internet for marketing reasons. Getting a small percentage of a small percentage is a small win.

How do you create value? Publish or give away content that will inform and educate. Blog articles, social network posts, and premium content all fall into this category. It's the direction all marketing is headed today.

Key take-a-ways from this blog article:

  1. Look at your PPC metrics. If you’re not getting results—click-throughs or even website traffic, you might consider making a change in strategy and budget.
  2. Because of better marketing ROI, commercial construction trends in marketing are moving from paid advertising to organic, Inbound marketing tactics.
  3. Getting leads today results from meeting their needs, not badgering them.
  4. There is a reason so many CEOs are turning to Inbound Marketing. It works.

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Fred Thompson

Written by Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson is the owner of New Destiny Media; Fred loves working side-by-side with business owners to create successful marketing campaigns that grown their business. When Fred is not working, he is spending time with his three very active children at home. He is an avid problem solver (MacGyver), Loves anything Martial Arts related and Social Media gets him excited about work.