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Construction Company SEO: 4 Secrets to Using URL Keywords

[fa icon="calendar"] May 05, 2016 - Fred Thompson

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In order to get leads, any content you create to be published on the web needs to be found when your prospects perform a search. The hottest construction company website trends center around SEO. That’s because there are a lot of construction companies on the Internet landscape competing for the same customer. That's why it's important to do construction company SEO according to best practices. One of the keys of doing SEO that will capture leads is using keywords in your title, meta tags, body of your article, and in the URL.

1) Make it Readable

Tossing out all the hocus-pocus about keywords, keywords are just short, relevant phrases pertaining to your topic. That’s about it. The days of using construction company SEO to try to trick Google are gone.

Use a proven format. Your article title, and the keyword it contains, should plainly be visible in the URL (website address). The idea is that when people search for that keyword and displays in a search results page, you want real people to click on it. Simple.

2) Keep it Short

Some CMSs are in the habit of throwing categories into the URL. There is no SEO evidence this improves search rank. This is what I mean:

Here’s the breakdown: Base URL (, Page (blog), Category shown in red (construction), Blog title. Adding the category to the URL is redundant, unnecessarily adds to the length of the URL, and could be confusing.

Here’s the actual URL of this article without the construction category. It’s shorter, easier to read:

There are two exceptions you might want a long URL with great folder depth: 1) An ecommerce site, 2) A site with multiple blogs (as opposed to multiple categories).

3) Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Using keywords in unnatural ways or using the same keywords too many times is called keyword stuffing. The best rule for construction company SEO is just keep it simple. Here’s an example of how this blog article’s URL could be keyword stuffed:

It’s tempting. All I did was to create a category named, “construction company SEO.” See the redundancy? No need to confuse both people and search engines.

4) Avoid One-Off Keywords

Sometimes repetition (but not keyword stuffing) is good for construction company SEO best practices. The reason you should be blogging is to capture leads. To capture leads using keywords, you’ll need to improve the ranking of whatever keywords you’re using.

While stuffing one keyword into one article or title is not good, writing a series of articles using one keyword will build your ranking. It will also do one other thing: Show that you know enough about your topic to write more than one or two articles about it.

But don’t pick one keyword, especially a geo-targeted keyword like the name of your city, and use it in every article for a year or more. You’ll build ranking for that one keyword, but ranking for just one keyword is not worth much. By writing a series of 12-15 articles and then moving on to another keyword, you’ll create ranking opportunities for multiple keywords and grow your overall traffic much faster while also targeting the persona you’re looking for. How does that sound?

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