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Construction Company SEO: 4 Tips on Creating Catchy Blog Titles

[fa icon="calendar"] May 11, 2016 - Fred Thompson

Construcion company SEO ideas for creating catchy blog titles

You’re not blogging just for the fun of it, right? Writing blog articles using construction company SEO best practices means you want people to read your blog. That’s the game: Get people to your website, get them to read your blog, and then you are on the path to getting leads.

Ground rules of SEO: Before I dive into helping you create killer blog titles, let’s talk a little about general ground rules of SEO. SEO tactics can be separated from so-called “white hat” and from “black hat” SEO. White hat SEO follows Google’s guidelines. Black hat practices do not. Without a doubt, you’ve been getting calls and emails from SEO “experts” promising you the world for almost no cost. Hang up the phone and spam those emails. Don’t fall for these tricks as SEO is a long game and anyone who promises quick wins will destroy your ranking. Check out one of the best “fear factor” articles that show how dangerous black hat SEO tricks are today: “Confessions of a Google Spammer.”

Why create catchy blog titles: Because, for one thing, titles are the thing that are most relevant to both people searching for your content and for search engines indexing your content. A good title is mission-critical to getting your stuff found. Let’s do it:

1) The Working Title

If you think it’s easier to simply write the article rather than come up with a title, you’re in good company. Titles for construction company SEO blogging are hard. Here are the basics of what you need to do:

  • Make the title interesting and relevant.
  • Keep it under 70 characters long.
  • Incorporate a keyword.
  • Use the title in the URL.

Making the title catchy is the tough part. That’s because you must stay within bounds of what the article is to be about. You can’t just drift off somewhere, create a great title, and fail to have it relate to your article. There’s not worse that turning off your readers!

I often advise bloggers who get stuck on titles to try out a blog title generator like Hubspot’s. While you may not use the title as-is, you can get some good ideas. And here's a cool template that also can get you started.

2) Buyer Persona

If your purpose in writing is to promote your construction company, stop right there. Consider your audience. Why are they coming to the Internet in the first place? To find out about your company? Yes, a few will, but the majority by far are looking for solutions.

Your article titles—all of them—should be developed for your audience. You can’t just write to a nameless, faceless crowd. Your audience needs to be personalized. Here’s where a buyer persona comes in. A persona is a representation of your ideal customer.

Once you have a target persona, write every title for that persona. What are they searching for? Your titles should reflect their search queries.

3) Get Outside the Box

Sexy, even outlandish, blog titles for construction company SEO are very effective. Consider these two sample titles of a blog article about types of flooring:

Version 1: “Kinds of Flooring for your New Office Building that Will Last a Long Time.”

Version 2: “Why the Wrong Floor for Your Office Building Will Kill Your Business.”

In the above example, the persona might Google for the best flooring for an office complex. While both versions above will get a moderate click-through rate, version 2 most likely will get more. This is basic psychology: People care about service life, but they care far more about not killing their business. Don’t be afraid to be creative or even to have fun.

4) Use Your Resources

It does help to know both what your competition is doing and knowing which publications on the Internet are hot and getting good traffic. Don’t clone titles. You don’t want to add your stuff to the mix that’s out there already. You need to focus on your persona while staying original.

Here’s where scanning industry publications and social media can help. These resources will help you get a feel for the buzz—what people are talking about.

Lastly, don’t try to over-analyze. Developing a strategy is a crucial first step, but don’t over-analyze. Now, start writing!

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