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Construction Company SEO: Keywords are Still Relevant

[fa icon="calendar"] January 20, 2016 - Fred Thompson

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Construction company SEO sometimes creates confusion for marketers. What can be even more confusing beyond SEO is a component of SEO which is meta keywords. What is this so confusing for marketers and SEO gurus because they are focusing too heavily on trying to beat Google at the search game. The simple fact is that Google is writing the playbook on SEO best practices, and they are not going to give away their secrets.

In this article, I am going to go through how to use meta keywords in your keyword strategy. After all the goal of construction company SEO is not to trick the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, but to build organic search results that lead customers through the buyers journey resulting in what every company wants SALES. 

1 Stop Fighting Google, They Want the Same Thing

You have to ask the fundamental question about consumers first. Why does anyone search Google? There are two simple answers.

  1. You have a need (pain, research) that you want an answer to
  2. You have a want (shopping) that are looking for the best price

You enter your question or topic in the search field and hope that the results answer what you are looking for. Google helps you in three ways to solve these wants and need in your searching.

  1. They have an algorithm that give you search suggestions.
  2. They have PPC ads that display at the top and on the right based on your search.
  3. When you are signed into your Google account, they log your behavior over time and tailor your search results and PPC ads to the things that you like.

The reality of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo is they really are not in the search engine business. They are in the advertising business and they make millions of dollars per month delivering ads to you based on your behavior. 

2 Meta Keywords are obsolete

Ten years ago meta keywords were all the rage and SEO experts would load the page and header section of the website with keywords to boost their visibility with search engines. Google and Bing now use relevance to determine a site’s ranking. So don’t overthink your keyword strategy. They will still work with the smaller search engines that have not adapted to Google and Bings strategy but don’t bother in using them if you want to be found by the majority of consumers. Most customers use Google, Bing or Yahoo today for search. 

3 Meta Description, Get it right

Construction company SEO meta description is different from keyword meta tags. Let's start with, what is a Meta Description? The Meta Description follows these guidelines:

  2. Provide a compelling reason for them to visit the page
  3. Incorporate a primary keyword in your article in a natural speech format.


4 How To Write a Good Keyword Meta Description

By now you should understand how a well-written keyword description will assist in connecting you with your target audience. Let's walk through the process in this example.

  1. Choose a long-tail keyword phrase.
  2. Use the keyword phrase in your title and article.
  3. Write a summary less than 150 characters in the meta description box.
  4. Don’t duplicate your title in your meta description.

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