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Construction Company SEO: The Importance of Using Header H1 Keywords

[fa icon="calendar"] May 21, 2016 - Fred Thompson


I’ve been writing a lot about the importance of using keywords for construction company SEO. I’ve been stressing that you should use them in every aspect of your publications, like in your URL, for example.

A while back we got a little sloppy with our own website SEO—New Destiny’s website. The result? Our domain ranking dropped a little. Domain ranking is a measure of the popularity (or search-ability) of your website compared with every other website on the Internet.

We were shocked by that metric, and immediately took some steps to correct the issue. As part of our fix, we implemented a failsafe system to make sure we 100% optimized everything we published. We had to invest in some new software to do it, but it was worth it to preserve our ranking—both domain ranking and our rankings for individual keywords.

What’s an H1 Header Tag?

Think of an H1 tag as your page title. Most CMSs, including the Hubspot COS like we use, have a place to type in a page title.  



The H1 page title tag has been considered a highly important ranking factor since the advent of the Internet and also communicates what the page content is about. 

How Important is an H1 Tag for SEO?

While not nearly as important as domain ranking for construction company SEO, keywords used in places like the H1 tag still are very important. While some tests seem to diminish the value of keywords in a header tag, I still say they are important enough to keep using them. For example, MOZ conducted a test using H1 header keywords but found simply that emphasizing the keywords in the body of the article produced the same results. I’m still, however, saying do both: Use keywords in your H1 tags and in critical places in the body of your publications. 

The down and dirty use of H1 keywords, or any keywords for that matter, should not be to try to fool search engines but to try to attract people. The goal of good construction company SEO should be to attract visitors to your website where they can become leads. Right?

Google would agree. With the roll-out of Google’s Hummingbird update, Google sought to match keywords with user intent. This means that, in order to get good ranking, you must publish good content. Picking a keyword on the basis of what you think people are searching for isn’t enough anymore. You must choose a topic with relevant content that will help educate and solve for those people who are performing searches. As almost a secondary factor, your keyword needs to support your content. More and more, “content rules,” and trying to out-guess the performance of keywords and SEO are probably a waste of time.

So go ahead and add your keyword to your blog titles and social media posts. In conjunction with a good title and great content, being consistent and thorough with your construction company SEO will maximize the results you’ll get from your content marketing.

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Fred Thompson

Written by Fred Thompson

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