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Construction Company Website Trends: Google is Your Best Salesperson

[fa icon="calendar"] May 19, 2015 - Fred Thompson

Google is also works for cheap (but don’t tell anybody). You know where I’m going with this, right? Most of your new customers aren’t going to head to the Yellow Pages, the latest trade publication, or the even to a colleague to try to find you, they’re going to head to the Internet.

This involves two simple things:

  1. When your propects perform a search, that search will need to lead to your content (this is where SEO comes in – real SEO, not all the hype you read that does nothing for you).
  2. Your website will need to be optimized to turn those visitors into leads. This new trend is called, conversion rate optimization or CRO.

To sum up: People find your outstanding content from SEO, and they become customers from CRO.

If you can excuse my humor (if that’s what you call it), let me show you a little analogy of how conversion paths work on a website. This is the core of CRO, the most important of all construction company website trends today, and forms the basis of Inbound marketing.

Step 1: The Customer is the Fish

Blue fish: Construction Company Website Trends: How Conversion Paths Work

What happens when a potential customer is fishing around about hiring you (or one of your competitors - and you bet they'll be checking your competitors)? 80% of them will head for the Internet. Obviously, that’s the best pace to nab them.

So you tease them with great website content – educational and informative blogs, whitepapers, static content, e-books, social posts, social proof, etc., that to a fish, look really tasty.


Step 2: The Call to Action is the Bait and Hook

Fish hook: Construction Company Website Trends: How Conversion Paths WorkYou know that fishing is not about feeding the fish, it’s about catching them. And the better the CTA looks, the more fish you’ll catch. If you’ve ever gone sport fishing, you know you may need some bait that is exceptional.

To hook a fish visiting your website you need them to click on a CTA with their mouse (no, we’re not talking about building a better mouse trap) (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

With a working inbound system in place, a CTA is first important stage of a conversion path.

Step 3: The Landing Page Reels Them In

Fishing-reel: Construction Company Website Trends: How Conversion Paths WorkOnce your fish clicks on a CTA, he or she “lands” on a landing page. If you’ve got a catchy (pun, sorry) landing page you'll land your fish.

A good landing page will make the bait they just clicked on look even better. You’ve got to be honest, of course, and have a good content offer. You can’t just create a good landing page only to disappoint your potential lead. Good way to chase away customer.


Step 4: The Thank You Page Lands Them in the Boat

Fishing-boats: Construction Company Website Trends: How Conversion Paths WorkOnce your fish takes the bait on the landing page, the thank you page is where you actually convert a website visitor, acquire a lead, and are utilizing one of the latest construction company website trends. Once your fish is in the boat, you have it. You’ll just need to decide what to do with it.

Here’s where the happy place is – where you have sales qualified lead (SQL). Did you do a whole lot of work to get your SQL? Nope. You just created a few extra things on your website.

Step 5: The Metrics You Employ are the Cleaning and Processing

fish-graphicLead tracking, lead nurturing, sales follow-up are all important. If you just leave your fish in the boat and do nothing more, guess what? You won’t be having fish for dinner.

 Key take-a-ways from this blog post:

  • Fishing for new customers can be fun and easy, but it must be done right.
  • You need good bait to catch good fish.
  • CTAs, exceptional content, and great landing pages all need to work together.

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Fred Thompson

Written by Fred Thompson

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