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Construction Company Website Trends: How to Close More Deals with Inbound

[fa icon="calendar"] October 18, 2015 - Fred Thompson

Closing a deal for construction in construction company website trends

Getting leads and converting them into customers still remains the top overall priority of growing a construction company. In our experience, principals in the construction industry break down this one main priority into three sub-priorities, in the follow order:

  1. Get more leads. (We don’t care how you get them, just get them.)
  2. Increase marketing ROI. (Because no matter how we’re getting leads, if we’re not improving marketing ROI, we won’t have the budget we need.)
  3. Close more deals. (Because this is what brings home the bacon.)

If you have another priority in mind, please avail yourself to the comment form at the bottom of this post. I, and about everyone else, would love to hear from you.

Let's see how to get more leads, get better ROI, and get better at converting leads into customers.

How to Get More Leads

I don’t know how many times I’ve said it, but inbound marketing is the best way to get leads. Now, armed with a 71 page report that’s chock full of new data, it’s clear that the topmost of construction company website trends means making the shift to inbound marketing.

The huge advertising dollars traditional marketers spend only to results in annoying potential customers. Your prospects have seen it all before. They are tired of having companies push things at them. Inbound, by contrast, attracts new customers through outstanding content that educates, solves, and empowers them to buy. The end goal of inbound is to gain a customer who will stop at nothing unless they’re able to buy from you, not your competition.

Hubspot's buyer's journey in construction company website trends

How to Get More Leads with Better Marketing ROI

Notice we keep upping the ante: Let’s get more leads using inbound, but let’s get them while spending less dollars. This is any CEO’s absolute best dream. Although it sounds like a dream, it’s real.

ROI impact in construction company website trends

Getting higher ROI just means changing a few things. Let’s look at some bullet points we gleaned from our new data:

  • Inbound achieves higher ROI than outbound no matter what—whether you’re a small, medium, or large construction company.
  • Outbound is overrated. Top marketers must resist spending on outbound and divert resources to inbound. Spending on inbound is at the top of construction company website trends, where your website no longer is brochure ware but becomes a lead-generating machine, never stopping, working 24/7, as your silent sales person attracting leads to you.
  • The best marketers track ROI, prove its worth each year, and gain increased budgets going forward.
  • The best proof inbound works is prior year’s success.
  • Top marketers look at their metrics at least 3+ times per week.

The single reason inbound's ability to generate ROI wins over traditional or outbound marketing is simple: organic always beats paid. (Click to Tweet!)

Inbound wins on strategy, website content, and buyers’ natural habits of heading to the Internet to begin their buyer’s journey. When you post a blog article—one that’s optimized, created for a buyer persona, and contains the right keywords, that article will develop a life of its own. That one article may receive hundreds or thousands of visits over time. Visitors equal leads. Each time a visitor Googles for a solution, and finds your article, you have a potential lead. How much do you have to pay for one good article? Not much.

Companies are 3X more likely to see higher ROI through inbound, in construction company website trends

How to Close More Deals

When we talk to company owners and marketers about construction company website trends, most everyone is focused on “closing more deals.” Yet, like traditional marketing, traditional selling is pretty much dead. Cold calling is dead. And buyer’s resistance to premature attempts to close is fiercer than ever. "Closing more deals" means a change in focus to "helping more prospects." As you help, you engage, the more you engage, the more you can close.

Our new data agrees with our findings, and adds that the sales funnel is almost as important as the close rate. Sales professionals not only want to close more deals, they want to close them faster. The new data also shows a lack of concern for social selling—developing relationships with prospects, and a lack of concern over not using a CRM. To imrove your game, these things will need become priorities.

Converting leads faster requires 3 things: lead nurturing, marketing automation, and using a CRM. (Click to Tweet!)

Lead Nurturing through Marketing Automation

Lead nurturing takes top of the funnel leads (TOF) and nurtures them toward the bottom of the funnel where sales can close them. Lead nurturing can be done manually but it’s time-consuming and cumbersome to do so, if not impossible to do well.

Lead nurturing through marketing automation is both effective and time-saving. When a lead engages you on your website, a series of emails are triggered. The emails are personalized and, because they are smart emails, they address the specific needs of any given lead.

Marketing automation can be carried way beyond sending emails. Using smart CTAs it’s possible to deliver one kind of content to a visitor coming from a social network and another kind of content if a visitor arrives on your website from organic search. All these automated processes develop amazing lead potential because visitors are given the personalize experience they’re looking for.

Why Use a CRM?

Our new data indicates using a CRM is not the hottest of construction company website trends—yet. I intentionally stated “website trends” because a CRM that’s connected to your website can be one of the greatest lead-nurturing assists available to you.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A visitor comes to your website and begins to digest your awesome content.
  2. They engage with you by downloading some premium content.
  3. All the lead intelligence is automatically enrolled into your CRM.
  4. Through lead scoring, the CRM can qualify and rank the lead.
  5. The CRM can assign the lead to a sales person but only if the lead is ranked a SQL.
  6. If the lead remains near the top of the funnel, a workflow can be engaged to automatically nurture the lead through the series of emails I mentioned above.

Everything I mentioned above is done automatically. What do you think? Do you think you’d be able to close more leads this way, or make sales more efficient by not having to manually contact every single lead to try to manually qualify them? These just a few reasons inbound will produce the marketing ROI you’re looking for!

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