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Construction Industry Trends: How to Automate Your Marketing

[fa icon="calendar"] August 07, 2015 - Fred Thompson

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In so many industries today, “automation” is the keyword of choice—for one simple reason: Automation saves time and money.

It also makes money. One of the top construction industry trends is to automate marketing. Marketing automation generates ROI because it's a more effective way to get new customers through the process of lead nurturing.

Consider the following two scenarios.

Old school:

  1. Someone visits your website and engages your company either by clicking on some great content you have or emailing you through a contact form. Or they find you and phone you. Either way, you now have a lead.
  2. A person or a team of persons in marketing or sales follows up with the lead. This method works, it’s just very labor intensive, and you have to work nights and weekends.

Automated marketing:

  1. You acquire a lead—exactly the same as #1 above (but this is where all similarities end).
  2. If say the lead converts on your website on Sunday at 9PM, they receive a custom-created, hyper-personalized email from you or someone in your sales department. (The lead thinks, "Wow, this person is sending emails even during off-hours.) This automated email thanks them for connecting with you, downloading something, etc.
  3. Through marketing automation software, you are now tracking this lead’s activities.
  4. A few days later, your automation software sends a “second touch” personalized email. This email doesn’t promote your company, but instead, suggests some other piece of content that’s relevant to them.
  5. The lead comes back to your website and visits a few more pages.
  6. Because of this new activity, your marketing automation software registers this lead as an SQL.
  7. A member of your sales team is sent an automated internal email that prompts for a personal follow up call to the new SQL.

While there are nearly endless marketing automation possibilities, I want to quickly do a walk-though using the example above: An internally generated email to sales.

This will give you a snapshot of how this latest of construction industry trends can work for you.

But first, you do need to have marketing automation software. We use the Hubspot platform. Of the 230+ completive platforms on the market, Hubspot’s software is focused primarily on growing your business and it’s remarkably affordable. Let us know if you’d like a free trial, a demo, and a free marketing analysis.

Once you have the software, you just need to tell it what to do. Simple!

Step 1) Create the Contacts List Criteria


In the screenshot above, I’ve kept it simple: We are targeting people who viewed our “Testimonials” page. Could be a “pricing page” or any other page. The point is, this is the trigger that will tell sales they have a qualified lead.

It’s also easy to add multiple parameters, such as creating a database for visitors who have downloaded a piece of content and have visited your pricing page. You set the parameters that will determine what an SQL (or any other kind of lead) is.

Step 2) Create the Workflow Criteria


Remember, in my sample marketing automation task above, we want to email a member of our sales team when a lead becomes an SQL.

To start that process, we need to set up the trigger. In this example, as soon as the lead comes back to the website and visits the “testimonials” page, the workflow is triggered.

Step 3) Create the Internal Email

Lastly, we need the actual email that goes out to sales. Here it is:


The above image is a simple example. The email will arrive in finished format:

Hey There,

This lead is qualified! You should follow up with them today. 



(link to Bill Smith in our database)

The rest is up to you to take that highly qualified lead and turn him or her into a customer!

Key take-a-ways from this blog article about marketing automation:

  1. Increases your lead-retention rate by preventing missed emails and other touches due to human error or time constraints.
  2. Can alert sales they have a qualified lead.
  3. Can create an almost limitless number of database (CRM) changes, lists, and conditional (if/then) actions.

Get leads. Get sales. Get our Blueprint!

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