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Fine Tuning Your Process of Generating Commercial Cleaning Leads

[fa icon="calendar"] January 02, 2015 - Fred Thompson

In another blog, How to Overcome the Top Five Commercial Cleaning Marketing Challenges, I wrote about the growth challenges that a commercial cleaning business faces. Generating commercial cleaning leads requires specific strategies in the digital age, specifically, moving away from conventional marketing toward inbound marketing. We're going to go over those inbound strategies and do some fine-tuning with a goal to better understand how to develop commercial cleaning leads. 

Fine Tuning Your Process of Generating Commercial Cleaning Leads

Before we dive into the key points of fine-tuning lead generation through inbound marketing for the commercial cleaning industry, let's consider three key trends.

Key Trends

  1. In our current era, all professional service companies must deliver a service that will have a recognizable impact on customers' business (Gartner). Gone are the day when you can just focus on service level. 
  2. Green cleaning is no longer a trend; it's an integral part of the cleaning business and something your customers will want to have (ServicesMag) and you should always talk about.
  3. Today's customers are smarter but also more cautious (RossSawsonBlog).

In the past, it was possible for a commercial cleaning company to find success in lead generation by not moving with customers' buying patterns. Today, it's more important than ever to know the habits of your potential customers. In the age of the Internet, successful marketing strategies have changed a lot.


The caution we see in buyers today largely comes from what gets thrown at them. Buyers today are bombarded by deceptive advertising and the proliferation of media. In 1920, the US had only one radio station. In 2014, there were 15,433 commercial stations (FCC). 

Because of the negatives associated with conventional marketing, if you want to grow, it's time for you to re-budget toward inbound marketing rather that keep doing the same things with interuptive marketing.

Concepts to Fine-Tuning a Campaign

Fine-tuning your lead generation by using an inbound marketing campaign involves three primary concepts:

1. Knowing your key persona

It's not enough to simply blog or throw any content up on the Internet. In my blog, "How to Develop Commercial Cleaning Leads," I talk about developing a key buyer persona and creating content around that persona.

2. Knowing where you persona is in their lifecycle of marketing

You will intersect buyers at different stages of their journey. Early in their journey, a buyer becomes aware of his or her need to hire a commercial cleaner. Consideration and then decision stages occur later on in that journey. If you try a hard close during the awareness stage (which is the bane of conventional marketing), you'll turn a potential lead away. 

3. Fine-tuning content that will connect potential customers to you

Once you assess where your primary customer is in his or her buyer's journey, create content for that buyer stage. Is your persona just starting to shop for commercial cleaning services? Are they looking for specifics, such as carpet cleaning? Or have they done their research and are ready to buy?

Fine-tuning your campaign means not creating random content, but creating content that will connect with these potential customers at every stage of the buyer's lifecycle. 

Executing the Process

Inbound marketing attracts customers though an offer that will cause them to be absolutely delighted with the offer and with you. Does that sound good? Here's how the process works:

  1. Develop a free offer, such as an e-book.
  2. The offer should reside on an alternate page of your website called a "landing page."
  3. Make sure the offer is easy to obtain, such as having it as a download.
  4. Thank them for their interest in your offer by redirecting them to a page with a "thank you" message.
  5. Allow them an opportunity to contact you as they move down the path of the buyer's journey.

Whether you are new to inbound or already have started developing inbound marketing campaigns, an e-book is the ever popular offer that you might consider developing. An e-book is also one of the easiest offers for your web visitors to obtain.

If you're thinking of developing an e-book, here are some ideas for titles that would apply to a commercial cleaning company:

  • "The 10 (20, etc) Areas Cleaning Companies Often Miss"
  • "The (10, 15, 20, etc) Best Green Cleaning Products and How to Use Them"
  • "The Top (10, 15, 20, etc) Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Cleaning Company"
  • "The Best Sanitation Products and How to Correctly Apply Them"

Key take-a-ways from this article:

  1. You're recognizing buyers' habits have changed and you're going to take action.
  2. You're going to rebudget more toward inbound marketing.
  3. You're going to take a fresh look at who your ideal customer is.
  4. You're going to develop campaigns to attract that ideal lead.
  5. You're going to follow best practices in executing your campaign.

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Fred Thompson

Written by Fred Thompson

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