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Growth-Driven Design: Latest of Construction Company Website Trends

[fa icon="calendar"] November 01, 2015 - Fred Thompson

Out of gas illustrating Growth-Driven Design: Latest of Construction Company Website Trends

Your Website is Broken!

The truth is, most every website on the planet is broken in some way. But I’m not talking about the look and feel or functionality, or colors, number of pages, ease of access or any other typical issue. I’m talking about purpose. The top construction company website trends all relate to purpose. Why have a website with no defined purpose?

Business people frequently call us to inquire about fixing their old website or getting a re-do. We like to spend some time listening to their pain points but then we’ll always ask one simple question: "What do you want your website to do for you?" Most of the time they’ve never been asked that question before—ever.

Any website that fails to grow your business is a total waste of money. (Click to Tweet!)

Why Have a Website in the First Place?

Before the mid-90’s, no one needed a website. In those days traditional or interrupt marketing ruled. It was the only game in town. Then, the Internet came along. Websites followed. It took about ten years for a few (actually two) savvy business people to realize a website is a marketer’s dream come true—a virtual gold mine that can be used to get leads. Inbound marketing was born.

Inbound took a traditional website and put it on steroids, adding things like landing pages, calls-to-actions, active content (blogs), social media engagement, and tons of metrics and strategies. Inbound will generate leads on any website but that’s not the whole picture.

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Can I Add Inbound to a Traditional Website?

Yes, you can, but would you really want to? The usual drill of getting a website re-do often is less than exciting.

The Process of Creating a Website Re-do

  1. You decide on a website re-do because your branding may be off, you may need to update all your messaging, your images are outdated and basically the whole thing has grown stale after a few years, so you slate a re-do.
  2. You contract with a web design company and begin to strategize. The strategy sessions never seem to end because someone is always thinking of something else that can be added to the website.
  3. But at some point you need to pull the trigger and launch your new site, hoping it will go the distance and last at least as long as your old website. But you know that’s not true: Technology is now moving at lightning speed so your new website is almost doomed at the start. But you launch it and keep it for 2-3 years… maybe.
  4. After the 2-3 years, you repeat this painful process all over again, and in another 2-3 years you do it again and on and on—for the life of your business.

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Traditional vs. Growth-Driven Design in Growth-Driven Design: Latest of Construction Company Website Trends

Growth-Driven Design™

GDD is at the top of construction company website trends because it takes inbound methodology and applies it to both marketing and website design.

Growth-Driven Design doesn’t diminish the frustration associated with a website redo—it eliminates it. (Click to Tweet!)

Let’s look at the process of launching a Growth-Driven website.

The Process of Creating a Growth-Driven Website

  1. You contact a Hubspot inbound agency.
  2. You and the agency discuss your website needs with emphasis on prioritizing needs.
  3. A punch-list is created of everything you possibly would want in a website.
  4. The crucial, non-negotiable elements are developed into the Phase-I Launchpad website.
  5. The website is continually updated on a planned schedule.
  6. In 2-3 years your website is still technologically up to date but can be reskinned  with a new design for more current user experience.

Do you see the difference? With GDD, the endless cycle of website obsolesce is eliminated. Cost-savings associated with formidable strategy sessions and massive, time-consuming content re-dos also are eliminated. As you work with the agency, they’ll continually grow in their understanding of your marketing goals, enabling them to execute more efficiently on both your marketing and website. In the end, you come out the big winner!

Why not get started today? 

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