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Growth Hacking: Commercial Cleaning Marketing Trends

[fa icon="calendar"] July 05, 2015 - Fred Thompson


If you’re either brave, an aggressive business person, or tired of the tried-and-true, then growth hacking may be for you.

The top commercial cleaning marketing trends leverage the Internet in many different and creative ways. But sometimes it’s not just the creative that provides a win, it’s using what’s been around for a while but using it in different ways.

Growth hacking is breaking into marketing concepts that already are there, but doing so in new, yet-to-be-proven ways.

This idea is to break into something that’s not not trendy, although some people may know about it, but the majority don’t. It’s an adventure. But that doesn’t mean it needs to cost you a lot.

Have you heard of PayPal or DropBox? Of course you have. These two companies are growth hacking masters.

What did they do? They literally paid current customers to find new customers for them – and then they paid the new customers just for being new customers.

So do you think this is good idea? Give away some money to get referrals? Just because it was good for PayPal and DropBox doesn’t mean it will work for you. What will work is to develop your own commercial cleaning marketing growth hacks.

Find Ways to Leverage Your Existing Customer Base for Referrals

Getting referrals is as old as the hills – but finding new ways to get them is the key hack you’re looking for. First, you’ll need to give something away. But before you get all generous with your plans, you should look at CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost). You cannot spend more to get a customer than the customer is worth. What is the LTV of a new customer? Basically, if you sign them up, what will be their contracted value for one full year of your services?

Doing the PayPal thing of giving away $10 probably won’t work for you. But maybe taking an existing client to lunch would. If you’re already doing an exceptional job for them, you’d be surprise how available they may be to help you find new contracts.

Aside from the free lunch way of building rapport with existing customers, having a direct and clear conversion path on your website is a must.

A conversion path includes:

  1. A call-to-action (CTA).
  2. A landing page.
  3. An offer – something you’re giving away.

At least one conversion path should be on your website to capture new leads. You also can use a conversion path in email marketing to produce responses from your current customers. A survey is not a new idea, but you can get referrals from a survey.

Create Synergy in Your Business Circles

Without synergy, social media would be dead. Visitors come to social media to interact with someone or some other organization, and to make a contribution. This process results in the whole being greater than the sum of its parts – which is what synergy is.

Growth hacking social media is not hard. Just stop talking about yourself and offer some cool free tips or links to sites that offer something of value.

Now that we’re talking social: Most under-developed business circles are hyper-social, but lack purpose. It’s nice to show up at a business event and talk about the weather, your dog, or ask, “how’s business?” It’s yet another thing to show up with some stunning idea and share it (then ask about the dog).

Start Using Metrics – and Learn How to Analyze the Data

Growth hacking, as one of the hot commercial cleaning marketing trends, is all about data, and what to do with it. If you’re going to do any kind of commercial cleaning marketing using the Internet, you’ll need to be able to measure the results.

New Destiny has all but ditched Google Analytics and Google’s Keyword tool. They provide a lot of information, but it’s information we can’t use for marketing. Instead, we use tools to track the performance of our CTAs, landing pages, offers, and emails. Everything is associated with a specific campaign and if something’s not working, like if a blog article is not getting the visits we want, we change it.


So many marketers are still applying a belief structure that tells them what they used to do is still working. This is fantasy. Going forward does mean watching trends, but it also can mean plowing new ground.

Key take-a-ways from this blog post:

  • Successful businesses are always looking for new, creative ways to market their services.
  • The key to growth often requires reinventing something that's there already.
  • Once you decide on a plan for growth, you'll need to track results.

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