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How NOT to Capture Leads: Inbound Marketing for Construction Companies

[fa icon="calendar"] March 04, 2017 - Fred Thompson

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The end goal of inbound marketing for construction companies is capturing leads. But is there anything more frustrating than creating a content offer you’re really proud of, only to have some lead enter “” as their email address? It’s like the fish that got away—with hook, line, and sinker; they walk away with your free offer and you don’t even know what part of the planet they’re from.

Inbound marketing is all about attracting leads, not manipulation, not coercion, and certainly not using traditional or oubound marketing. So how do you get leads to be delighted in giving away their correct email addresses?

Don't Use Manipulation

According to best practices, inbound works using these steps:

  1. A visitor finds your content via organic search.
  2. They click on a call-to-action (CTA).
  3. The CTA brings them to a landing page with a lead-capture form.
  4. They fill out the form.
  5. The form redirects to a thank you page containing a link to download your premium content.

The issue here, again, is your lead still can enter as their email address. Annoying, isn’t it? It’s tempting to connive a way to beat your leads at their own game. Here’s one way:

Put your download link in an email instead of on a thank you page. This is a favorite ploy of email vendors like Aweber. This is how to do it: Auto-generate a follow up email and insert your download link in that email. You’d have to be clear on your landing page: “Fill out the form and then check your inbox.” In Hubspot, you’d generate a workflow that would auto-send that email as soon as your lead submits the form.

Nice idea, right? Maybe. Maybe not. What’s not a happy thought with this idea:

  • It removes your accountability to create inbound campaigns using inbound methodology the right ways. By removing your accountablity, you could create a half-baked landing page, a crummy CTA, and your visitor will still supply their contact information. But will they ever come back to your website or ever contact you?
  • It’s manipulative.
  • You’ll still get tire-kickers. They’ll supply a junk email in the first place and then immediately unsubscribe. (Because of the Can Spam Act, all emails need to include an unsubscribe link.)

Be Excellent

There is another way. If you’re getting too many go-nowhere email addresses or have poor conversion rates on landing pages, it’s time to take a deep dive into what you’re doing.

One of the things we initially loved about inbound was it gave us an opportunity to be excellent. Inbound is not just about the “10 steps to do inbound.” Doing inbound for construction companies is like building a construction project. Do you intentionally plan to take as many shortcuts in your projects and get away with as much as possible in all your projects? You’re probably just the opposite: You want to do the best job possible.

So why not be excellent in your inbound marketing tactics? Being excellent involves:

  • It starts with your content. Are you publishing outstanding, helpful content for your personas?
  • Are your landing pages descriptive and inviting? Are you watching for landing page friction?
  • Does your wording connect with your audience?
  • Does your content offer yield an “ah-ah” moment to your visitors when they discover it? There’s nothing like searching on the Internet and finding the exact thing you’re looking for.

Watch Metrics

Our marketing report on trends indicates watching metrics is crucial. What metrics? Anything pertaining to conversion rates, either landing page conversion rates to blog traffic to blog click-through or blog conversion rates.

20% of marketers who check metrics 3x per week increase ROI for inbound marketing for construction companies

If you want to get fancy, use Optimizely to do A/B testing either on a whole landing page of as we like, on one individual part, like finding out which image works best.

I’ve said this many times: If something’s not working, change it. There are a growing number of blogs on UX (user experience). Giving users their best experience as they visit your website will lure them back. Visits equal leads. Quality visits equal quality leads.

Inbound marketing for construction companies is a long game. It’s important to start somewhere but also to be continually improving. That means whatever wins you get this year can and should improve the following year.

Every good project starts with a blueprint...

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Written by Fred Thompson

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