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How to Capture Leads for Construction Companies Through a Blog

[fa icon="calendar"] October 20, 2015 - Fred Thompson

Get more leads graphic in: How to Capture Leads for Construction Companies Through a BlogNew Destiny Media is a digital marketing agency, a Hubspot partner, and we’re fanatical users of Hubspot’s inbound marketing software for our agency. And it’s working for us. Our biggest source of new leads by far is inbound.

When we adopted Hubspot’s marketing platform, we realized we had an opportunity to help other businesses through creating a helpful blog. But we didn’t know what to write about. So we went about the task of doing research to find hot topics that few were writing about, that would help.

So we cruised the social networks, checked out some groups on LinkedIn, watched the Twitter buzz, and asked around (we actually talked to people). Then, we did some keyword research (and a lot of it).

We discovered that the number one, most in demand topic was, getting leads for consecution companies. A close second was, getting ROI from construction marketing. Both are related, and fall under the goal of business growth.

How to Create a Highly Effective Blogging Strategy to Get Leads

Step 1: Discover Your Audience

Maybe you’re planning to start a blog to get new leads or refine the blog you have (that’s not working). Before you start, you have to be careful with one thing: It's not a popularity contest. Our post popular blog topic is social media (like Facebook). Getting leads and getting ROI as topics are second in popularity. That’s because a wider audience is digesting our social media content and a narrower one is reading our articles on getting leads for construction companies. You first need to decided whom you’re writing to.

Our target persona is construction company decision-makers. We are intentionally crafting articles to reach one person: The one who can glean from our research and make the decision to execute those strategies in his or her company. You need to know the persona who you’ll most likely be able to help, and then write every article to that persona. Others will read your material and that’s okay. You just need to have a focal point and keep it.

Step 2: Create Awesome Content for Your Audience

You probably don’t need much convincing about the value of publishing great quality articles. Everyone has read some of the “fluff” blogs that so frequent the Internet. Now that you know your audience, you’ll need to give them what they want. Visitors come to New Destiny Media to find how to’s. Our readers want to know how to do effective marketing and how to capture leads for construction companies.

All of our lead intelligence, including the latest data, confirms this fact. It’s amazing what you can accomplish is a short period of time. For example, one of our top performing blogs is entitled, “Construction Industry Trends: Setting Goals for Increased Revenue.” I published this article on January 20th, 2015. It’s received hundreds of views and many shares. The one article alone is responsible for several new leads.

How did we arrive at that title? Simple. We discovered that the keyword “trends” and any keyword associated with growth would receive good Google search volume but they also were easy to rank for because few were writing about this topic. And since goals must precede action, I included goal-setting in the title as well.

If you can discover what your customers are looking for and you have a niche for that deliverable, you have a home run. We know how to get leads, so we blog about it and thus supply a need, and are seen as thought leaders in that field. Your goal is to accomplish the same thing for your company.

Step 3: Create Great Looking CTAs

Since your ultimate goal is not just to write great articles, it’s to generate leads, you’ll need a way for visitors to become leads. Turning visitors into leads requires creating a conversion path. The first step in creating a conversion path is to create CTAs. A CTA (call-to-action) can be a simple link within an article or a more elaborate graphic image.

The idea is to have something attractive for visitors to click on that will take them to some premium offer you have placed on a landing page. I’ll talk about landing pages in a moment.

As a rule of thumb, the more attractive you make a CTA, the more clicks you'll get, and the better your conversion rate (of visitors into leads) will be. We use Photoshop to develop most of our graphics. Sans Photoshop, there are online applications like Canva that can be quicker and easier to use.

Image of CTA showing an e-book for lead capture in: How to Capture Leads for Construction Companies Through a Blog

When you create a CTA, be sure to use action words. Since we are addressing the goal of getting leads, we put “get leads” in the wording of our CTAs. You want to clearly state what you want to help your visitor accomplish. That means not writing something like, “Learn more today.” Because the reader is likely to say, “I don’t want to learn more, I want to accomplish something.”

Step 4: Link CTAs to Landing Pages that Will Convert

Each CTA needs to link to a landing page. If you’re using Hubspot, it’s easy to create your landing pages within the software. The landing page will describe some form of premium offer. This offer could be an e-book, downloadable resource, white paper, pricing guide, etc. The more important function of the landing page is to get those who “land” on it to accept your offer. But in order for those visitors to accept your offer, it needs to be something of great value.


These are the basic building blocks of blogging with a focus on capturing leads. Blogging is one of the fundamentals of inbound marketing. As you know, gone are the days where push or interrupt advertising does what it used to do. You must provide prospects with educational and informative information to get leads for construction companies today.

Get leads. Get sales. Get our Blueprint!

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Fred Thompson is the owner of New Destiny Media; Fred loves working side-by-side with business owners to create successful marketing campaigns that grown their business. When Fred is not working, he is spending time with his three very active children at home. He is an avid problem solver (MacGyver), Loves anything Martial Arts related and Social Media gets him excited about work.