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How to Get Professional Services Leads through Social Media

[fa icon="calendar"] August 17, 2015 - Fred Thompson

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You’re probably aware that posting on social media channels like Twitter or Facebook are important for your brand awareness, but did you know you can actually get leads through social media? If you’re not using social media to get leads, you’re missing an opportunity to go where your costomers are:

Data from HubSpot Social Benchmarking Report, 2015
  • Twitter has 284 million monthly active users. Instagram has 300 million actives.
  • And then there’s Facebook, with 1.35 BILLION monthly active users.
  • What’s more, according to PewResearch, 74% of online adults (ages 18+) use social networks regularly.

Let’s take a look at some easy steps on how to get professional services leads through social media.

Start with Research

The very first step to acquiring customers through social media is to ensure you are spending your time and resources on the right social networks. If your customers are not on Pinterest, your brand does not need to have a presence on that platform. By trying to maintain a company profile on every single new network that emerges, your messaging is going to be weak, unengaging, and will go unheard by the people who really care.

So how do you know which networks your customers are using? The following four tips should help you get started:

  1. Ask your customers –You need to be polite about this because if you do it wrong, social could destroy your business instead of helping it. The most obvious way to find out where your customers are spending their time online is to ask them. Ask them when you meet them, send them a short survey in an email, or phone a few of your top customers. Ask them to rate the networks they use in order of preference, e.g. 1. LinkedIn, 2. Twitter, 3. Facebook and ask them which they use for business purposes and which for private.
  2. Use share data – If you have an active blog, you are sitting on some good social network data. Have a quick look at your share data and see which networks are getting the most shares. In the example below I looked at the share counter from a B2B blog. It’s clear that this company doesn’t need to be on Pinterest and should focus most of their time engaging an audience on Twitter.Showing icons and social share data for a blog article in: How to get professional services leads through social media
  3. See where your competitor’s content is getting shared – using a tool like Buzzsumo, you can see which networks your competitor’s content is getting shared on. If people are sharing their content, the chances are, they are a good audience for your content, too.
  4. Do a keyword search – Using Buzzsumo again, you can do a simple keyword search, for example, “content marketing” which will give you a list of the most shared content on that topic and how many shares it got on each network. This should give you good insight into where the people who would be interested in your content are spending their time online as well as the type of content they like to share, e.g. infographics, video, list posts, etc.

Create Campaign-Specific Landing Pages

When you are creating a campaign on social media, make sure you match the keywords you’ve used in blog posts to the copy used in the accompanying landing page. If someone has clicks on your content offer or even on an ad, it makes sense that once they land on a page of your website that directly relates to your offer. If they don’t immediately get what they’ve come for, you can be sure they’ll exit your site and you’ll lose the conversion.

Customize Your Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is a vital process to help get professional services leads through social media. With marketing automation, lead nurturing is comprised of an automated series of emails you send to early-stage leads to further educate your prospects of your value proposition. It’s a crucial driver of an efficient sales cycle. By making this experience as tailored to your target audience as possible, the results are magnified.

  • 63% of people requesting information on your company today will not purchase for at least 3 months - and 20% will take more than 12 months to buy. (Source: The Marketing Donut)
  • Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost. (Source: Forrester Research)
  • Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads. (Source: Aberdeen Research)
  • Personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%. (Source: HubSpot)

How do you do this?

If you know your traffic is coming from social, why not customize the page they land on to address that. If you know they are a fan on Twitter, thank them for being a devout fan at the top of the page and include click to tweet links so they can share your content with their followers.

If you have a platform like HubSpot, you can use smart content to do this without having to create multiple landing pages based on where your traffic is coming from.

 Key take-a-ways from this article:

  1. Your leads are on social media waiting for you to connect with them there.
  2. You need to know which social networks your customers are on, then focus on those.
  3. Offer your leads a means convert using landing pages.
  4. Email lead nurturing will help move potential customers downward through the funnel where they make a purchase.

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Fred Thompson

Written by Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson is the owner of New Destiny Media; Fred loves working side-by-side with business owners to create successful marketing campaigns that grown their business. When Fred is not working, he is spending time with his three very active children at home. He is an avid problem solver (MacGyver), Loves anything Martial Arts related and Social Media gets him excited about work.