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How to Master Content Writing for Commercial Cleaning

[fa icon="calendar"] March 01, 2015 - Fred Thompson

Do you want to master content writing on your website because you've heard do so might help get more leads? Awesome!

How to Master Content Writing for Commercial Cleaning

Writing articles (blogging) that are relevent to your industry and posting them on your website is the single most valuable way to leverage the power of Internet marketing.

4 Reasons Why Blogging is Good

  1. You are educating your potential customers. Many visitors to your website will be just looking for solutions to their cleaning pain points. They won't be ready to buy just yet, but that's not the point. The point is, they came to your website. Some of these visitors eventually will become leads - now that they've found you.
  2. By blogging, you position youself as an authority in the commecial cleaning industry. You know that you know your stuff. Now everyone else can know.
  3. By adding dynamic content, you are bettering your SEO page position.
  4. If you write about localized topics, you increase your local SEO ranking.

Content writing for commercial cleaning isn't about writing about your favorite topic of the day, like how you went out running with the dog, or how you got through traffic this morning in one piece. It's about blogging for your business. Business blogging is about what everyone wants: information. You supply it, and you become the hero of the day.

The 7 Main Elements of a Business Blog

Every article should have a minimum of the following 7 elements:

  1. A good title in large typeface.
  2. Well defined subtitles, bullets, etc., making it very easy for viewers to see what your blog is about.
  3. Plenty of white space so that content is not all jumbled together.
  4. A relevant image.
  5. Social sharing buttons so visitors can share your content on their social channels.
  6. Meta tags showing author personalization and post date.
  7. Links to other articles both on your website and to websites of industry leaders.

A list of links to other articles on your site and a short list of blog categories as well also make great additions to blog pages.

How to Start Writing

  • Pick a topic. Your topic should inform and educate your readers.
  • Pick a keyword. Your keyword should be related to your topic, but it also should relate to what your audience is searching for. That's because keywords, especially long tail keywords get found in Google searches.
  • Think "evergreen" content. An evergreen blog article is one that will be relevant months or years from now.
  • Format your page. I like to get an idea of the whole article in my head, including sub-titles, before I begin. So my sketal outline sometimes is just a title, 3 or 4 sub-titles, and maybe a conclusion. Always keep in mind the question, "What might people be asking or looking for?" You're going to write and supply the answers or solutions.
  • Begin writing by filling in your sub-titles with text, images, bullet points, graphs, etc.
  • Set a goal of 500 - 800 words. More than that, and you'll bore your readers.
  • Write at least on article a week and don't stop.

Key take-a-ways:

  • Adding dynamic content to your website attracts readers, some of them will become leads.
  • Write educational content giving people want to learn.
  • Establish a writing style or format, and stick with it.
  • Posting less then one article / week will produce only nominal results, if any.

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