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It Did What? 5 Tips About Inbound Video Marketing

[fa icon="calendar"] November 06, 2015 - Fred Thompson

With all of the content that is being generated today, there is a mass overload of information to sift through and process each day. We are creatures that crave visual stimuli. Today marketers that adopt multiple types of visual stimuli create more traffic and retain customers longer than those that don’t. What makes a video so powerful is it combines multiple senses together and stimulates our brains on the auditory and visual level. This helps to keep people engaged longer and more often. Knowing those facts led our agency to create our first video for Inbound Video Marketing.

After we created our video and sent it off into the world, we saw our traffic jump by roughly 130% in a week. One of the pain points that we saw with our customers that are new to inbound was understanding what Inbound Marketing was and how effective it is. That prompted us to create an informative video about the state inbound marketing for 2015 which is below.

However, enough about us. This is really about the power of inbound video marketing. Here are five tips to get you started on creating your first inbound marketing video for your business.

Tip #1: Engagement

First you have to understand who your audience is and how they may engage with your content. In Inbound Marketing, this leads back to the Buyer Persona that you are marketing to. It always starts with the Buyer Persona, which is the root of your marketing efforts, without that you could be marketing to the wrong audience.

 video marketing

Tip #2: Tell a Story

Tell a story to your customers. Lead them through the journey of your message in a manner that educates, captivates and empowers them to make decisions.

video marketing  

Tip #3: Make it Memorable

Make the video memorable by capturing the moment by keeping the video moving along at a fast pace (frame-rate). You don’t want to lose them by making a video too slow or too fast. Timing in the video is one of the key elements that makes a video more engaging. Keep the video at 2-3 minutes, anything longer than that and you can lose the customer.

video marketing

Tip #4: Educate, Educate, Educate

Video that describes you products or services are good, but most of those are outbound marketing saying “buy me.” Take the time to educate your customers about facts and details in a manner that keeps them engaged and interested without asking for a direct sale. The video needs to be helpful and not intrusive.

video marketing

Tip #5: SEO and Conversion

YouTube returns second largest search results on the planet. Google, of course, if first. Anything that you upload into a YouTube channel will contribute to boosting the SEO juice to your website with the desired keywords that you are trying to target. Don’t forget to link to a website landing page to get the inbound traffic. Inbound links direct consumers back to your website where you have a further opportunity to move them through the marketing funnel. 

video marketing

video marketing
Infographics by HighQ (2015: The Year of Video Marketing)
 Check out their website to see how they have used video marketing to engage their customer and clients customers effectively. 

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