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Marketing a Log Homes Business Through the Internet

[fa icon="calendar"] August 12, 2016 - Fred Thompson

According to the Dodge Data & Analytics report, the housing industry is set to grow by more than 10% in 2015. Of that percentage, specialty construction projects such as green homes and log homes will comprise a significant share of that percentage. 

Marketing a Log Homes Business Through the Internet

Beside market share, specialty construction projects receive a lot more attention from those surfing the Internet. Just Google around the Internet. There's not too much to talk about starter homes or modulars.

So, if you want to know how to grow a log homes business, you've surely got some things to talk about, and not to fear, you have an audience. 

Sadly though, marketing a log homes business through the Internet - the best media by far to market anything these days - is lacking. Thus, marketing for log homes builders and the construction industry as a whole, is yet another wide open field for Internet marketing.

So, let's talk about how to grow a log homes business by using the digital media that's available to us. Here are a few tips that will help:

Pump up your website

Beside quick tips, they're also "must do's." These are the things that we find businesses often lack if their website is more than about three years old.

  • Photos & floor plans: If you've come to this blog for suggestions on how to grow a log homes business, this tip should be #1 for you. We've seen so many times where information is outdated. Make sure your photos, floor plans, and other information is up to date. 
  • Vendor Product information: If you're linking to a log homes supplier, make sure your links are current and their website is current. 
  • Photos: Put recent photos of your better projects on social media (Facebook, etc.). I know your new smart phone takes great photos, but let's try not to do that. Hire a photographer or get a decent DSLR camera with a wide angle, flat perspective lens. In the log homes business, good photos can really help your business.
  • Sharing: Add social sharing buttons so visitors can share your awesome pages on their social media.

There are places to start. You can delve deeper, like doing some SEO. I wrote a blog on long-tail keywords that may be helpful: How Professional Services Businesses Can Get Found in Google Searches.

Leverage the Power of Social Channels


According to Facebook, the average user sees about 300 filtered news posts cycle through their Facebook news feed each day. That's a lot. When it comes to marketing for log homes builders, that's a bonanza. Post news about your business as much as possible.

According to a study from TrackMaven, posts with 80 plus words earn as much as twice the audience engagement. Facebook readers don't want to read simple little quips. Reserve those for Twitter. Instead, tell your story and tell it in story-like fashion that will garner interest your readers.

Don't be afraid of using a # hashtag in your Facebook feed. Such posts can see 60% more interaction (source: TrackMaven).


Twitter can be confusing because at first, it simply doesn't make sense. How can you convey anything worthwhile in 140 words or less? But you can.

The #1 secret to using Twitter: Be trendy. (Tweet this!)

Here are some other secrets:

  • For B2B tweets, always share something of value.
  • Use images and hashtags in your tweets.
  • Share things you genuinely think other people should know about.
  • Follow those you like or are in a your industry (this is a social network).
  • Always keep in mind who your target audience is.

For any of the social channels, keep in mind that you are networking to share useful information. You are promoting your business. The log homes industry is a niche industry and your followers will be niche followers. Use hashtags that will allow other Twitter users to find you, e.g., #loghomes, #loghomesdesigns, etc. Got it? It's not as hard as it seems.

Get Going With Inbound Marketing

Marketing a log homes business through the Internet works so well in this industry because it's where most of your customers will start. Many of them will be looking at log home designs and photos long before they contact you. Will they call you if you're not attracting them through the media they're viewing? 

Marketing a Log Homes Business Through the InternetInbound differs from outbound marketing in many ways. It's basis is creating and sharing content with a wider audience. It is specifically designed to appeal to your best customers, drawing them to you. 

With inbound, you create target content "that answers propects' and customers' basic questions and needs..." (source: Hubspot). 

Conventional marketing is still alive and well, so why not continue using it exclusively? Cost. The shotgun approach of conventional marketing simply costs more. According to, inbound can save as much as 62% your promotional dollars. 

Inbound's secret is targeting potential customers. Since marketing for log homes builders is such a narrow niche, targeting is not that hard. And the key to targeting your potential leads is done by giving away information, AKA: blogging.

Ideas for blog titles for growing a log homes business:

  • Style Considerations of Buying a Log Home in the Rockies.
  • Log Home maintenance in New England.
  • Protecting and Recoating a Log Home Exterior.
  • Log Home Interior Design Ideas.
  • Best ways to Heat and Cool a Log Home.

These suggested titles actually are real. They offer great long-tail search capability and you could actually use them as-is and get nice ranking from them. Start here, and you'll be off and running with more web traffic, more leads, and more conversions.

 Key take a-ways from this article:

  • The log homes industry is a niche market and ripe for promoting via the Internet.
  • Your website is the #1 place to start: analyze, edit, add content.
  • Social media is free and is a great place to post news and photos.
  • Inbound marketing which uses the Internet exclusively, will give you the lowest cost per lead (CPW) compared with conventional media.
  • Blogging is one of the best ways to supply information thus promoting your business through the Internet.

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