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Marketing for Construction Companies: Inbound vs Outbound

[fa icon="calendar"] November 10, 2016 - Fred Thompson

Woman boxing: contest between inbound and outbound marketing for construction companies

You've doing everything to get leads:
  • Trolling for leads at tradeshows.
  • Doing podcasts.
  • News releases.
  • Email outreach campaigns.
  • Brochures.
  • Radio.
  • And the kid who hangs up hang tags.

I want to interject and say one thing: We don't do any of theses marketing practices in the paragraph above. None of it.

Marketing for construction companies comes in one of two distinct sets of tactics: Inbound vs outbound. Period. Really. You can get leads and sales and smash your competitors using either methodology. One requires money, and lots of it. The other requires what we call “lead intelligence,” and lots of that too.

I know you’re comfortable with conventional types of marketing. You’ve been doing it for 20 years. It feels safe. Then here comes someone like New Destiny, or Hubspot, or some other agency, etc., and we say:

“Everything you’ve been doing is now outdated—here’s something new that will work for you.”

This could provoke a lot of questions:

  • What is Inbound?
  • What does it do?
  • Can I be assured it will do what you say?
  • Who’s going to do it?
  • How does it work?
  • What part do I need to play (how much of my time will it take)?
  • I've seen fads before. Is this just a new fad?

We get it. Every one of the concerns above are totally legit. In fact, this was easy because these are the questions we ask when reviewing something new.

But your know:

  • You’ve been doing conventional marketing and wondering if it’s working.
  • Buyers' habits have changed.
  • You’ve tried many different things, and have jumped from one thing to another.
  • You know something needs to change, but aren’t sure what.
  • Every day someone from some marketing company calls you telling you what your should do—adding to the confusion.

Enter the realm of pain points. The #1 pain point in any of the construction company website trends, is acquiring more leads. And right under that, are getting the right leads, showing positive marketing ROI, overall margins, HR issues, and capacity issues. Solve for getting the right leads, and you’ll solve for about every point except for HR issues.

So you want:

  • Someone you can talk to you can trust—who practices what he or she preaches.
  • Believable answers to your questions about marketing.
  • A strategy that makes sense.
  • A strategy with proof that it works.
  • Ways to solve for getting leads.
  • Something that, when you see it, all the lights will come and you’ll know this is THE THING you need for your construction company.

Personally, I wouldn’t budge unless you’re convinced on every one of the bullet points above. Why take a risk? Although good business involves taking calculated risks.

What is Inbound?

Here's the "elevator speach" answer to this question:

Step 1: Someone searches using Google to find some solution to some construction-related problem or information on how to solve a problem they're aware of already.

Step 2: They find your website.

Step 3: Once they find you, they convert into a lead.

That’s Inbound. We think Inbound is better. We're not the only ones who think that way.

The truth is, conventional or “outbound” marketing is a joke. It’s worn out its welcome, is outdated, but since it’s the mainstay of most marketing agencies out there, it hangs on.

How do you get leads?

With Outbound: Spend more money on promotions.

With Inbound: Do things that attract leads—the kind of customers you’re looking for.

Get leads. Get sales. Get our Blueprint!

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Fred Thompson

Written by Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson is the owner of New Destiny Media; Fred loves working side-by-side with business owners to create successful marketing campaigns that grown their business. When Fred is not working, he is spending time with his three very active children at home. He is an avid problem solver (MacGyver), Loves anything Martial Arts related and Social Media gets him excited about work.