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New Data: Inbound Is Key to Getting ROI for your Construction Company

[fa icon="calendar"] October 15, 2015 - Fred Thompson

Get more leads while getting ROI for your construction company

Rather than annoy potential customers through traditional, interrupt advertising tactics, inbound attracts, nurtures, and delights your prospects. Inbound intersects people where they are at and delivers valuable content to turn visitors into leads and nurture leads into customers. Where are people at? They’re on the Internet.

Whether you’ve heard of it or not, inbound marketing for construction companies is no longer a new concept. Of all the digital marketing trends, inbound is the topmost way to getting ROI for your construction company.

Even if you’re not practicing inbound methodology, you’re at least somewhat familiar with the concepts of blogging and using social media to get leads. Blogging and social are two core concepts of inbound.

Recently, some extensive new data has been released showing that if you want to maximize your marketing ROI, you must begin to execute inbound strategies in your marketing efforts. Even if you’re practicing inbound, it’s still the newest of digital marketing trends, so you’ll benefit by the new data by upping your game. Let’s look at the data:

Inbound Is the Top Game for Companies Under 200 Employees

This fact doesn’t mean that a 50B company can’t benefit from inbound marketing; it means that inbound is the marketing tactic of choice for smaller construction companies.

The reason inbound works so well for SMBs is that, in contrast to convention marketing, it’s affordable. It used to be hard to compete with the “big boys.” Unless you could match the advertising budget of your larger competitors, you’d never stand a chance to beat them at their own game. No more. With inbound, the game has changed. Now, a smaller company who’s an early adopter of inbound can compete, if not beat, their larger competitors.

Here are the reasons inbound wins the game of the day:

  • Inbound’s main budgeting spend is split between strategy and content; zero dollars go to push advertising.
  • With inbound, you outwit, outplay, and out-produce your competitors. Traditional or outbound advertising is more of a game of spending than strategy. If any strategy is employed in outbound, it’s often, “Let’s do what we did last year.”
  • Although it’s a long game, it's far less costly to build an organic audience using inbound than it is to build an audience through paid search or the tradition methods of using print, radio, or T.V advertising.

3 ourt of 4 marketers favor inbound for getting ROI for your construction company

Inbound Marketing Means Positive ROI

And the new data shows the importance of proving you can generate positive ROI for your construction company. This ability puts inbound at the top of the list for digital marketing trends—and probably will be for decades to come.

The metrics available using inbound are astounding. Nearly everything can be tracked and measured. Some of the key metrics include customer acquisition cost (CAC) and cost per lead (CPL), necessary to assess ROI, but many other metrics come into the equation, like the ability to easily track and measure conversion rates across campaigns.

Producing positive ROI is also the best justification for budgeting. If you role either is driving budget or obtaining funding, inbound is your best bang for the buck and the best reason to maintain or increase budget.

Better success with inbound means bigger budgets for getting ROI for your construction company

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