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The Killer App You Must Use for SEO for Professional Services

[fa icon="calendar"] September 29, 2015 - Fred Thompson

Writing "SEO" on white board in SEO for Professional Services

Task: Optimise (SEO) a landing page to get more conversions.

Time to complete the task: 45 minutes.

Cost of software: $0.

The main purpose you should have a website is to generate business. A poorly optimized website won't get traffic and won't generate many leads. SEO is the practice of getting your website content found. Sadly, SEO is one of those mythical terms, but if you sift through all the hype on the Internet, SEO can be reduced to two simple tasks:

  1. Find out what’s broken.
  2. Fix it.

Why focus on SEO in the first place?

  1. To get leads, you must get found.
  2. The Internet is getting more and more cluttered with content each day. To be successful, you need to stand out from the crowd.
  3. SEO for professional services companies in even more crucial because your key customer base is very discerning.

How do you attack these issues? You need software (apps) that will look at your website and tell you what needs attention. Fixing issues is far easier than finding out what’s wrong.

We use Hubspot as our core software. If your focus is on growing your business—marketing, then of the 230 or so other marketing automation apps out there, we believe Hubspot is the one of choice. And it’s not even the most expensive.

But aside from our foundational app, here's another app that can be of immense help for SEO for professional services companies—and the fully functional version is totally free. Here’s how to get up and running in just minutes:


It’s all in a name. The purpose of Optimizely is to help optimize your website for better traffic conversion.

What this does: The app creates multiple versions of a page (usually 2) and delivers each version to the portion of the audience you select. For example, if 500 people visit your page, 250 can see version “A” while the other 250 will see version “B.” If many more convert on one version or the other, you just keep the top performing page. This is SEO on steroids, and it all happens automatically.


We couldn’t decide which of two images we should place on the particular landing page we were creating. Images are important. Visitors will either stay on a page or leave depending if they like or dislike the images they see.

A/B Testing

So we decided to do some “A/B” testing. Simple. Here’s how:

  1. We created a landing page using one of the two images (doesn't matter which one you choose, just create the page).
  2. We published the landing page.
  3. We headed over to Optimizely to test conversion rates for each of our two images.

How to Do A/B Testing with Optimizely

Here are the steps we followed to get started, from creating an account, to launching our A/B test.

Step 1) Create an Account

Just go to Optimizely and click, “Create account.”

Step 2) Get Set Up

The only set up to do is to grab the tracking code and paste it into the "head" section of your website. If you have WordPress, Optimizely has a tutorial for you. If using Hubspot, just paste the code into the top of the site's head field (Dashboard > Content Settings).

Step 3) Create a New Experiment

a. Click on the "Create" button. You can make life easier by choosing to use their tour.

Optimizely sceen shot in SEO for Professional Services

b. Since we were A/B testing a landing page, we needed to paste the URL of that landing page into the correct field.

c. Now, we needed to tell Optimizely we wanted to A/B test just the image on the landing page. We chose a new image, uploaded that new image to our database, and then entered the URL of our new, "variant" image.

Optimizely sceen shot of change image setting in SEO for Professional Services

Step 4) Make Any Changes to the Look of Your Variant

Here’s where it could get tricky. If you are good at “guessing and clicking,” you’ll find Optimizely’s UI very intuitive.

We needed to both float the image to the right of its container and wrap text around it. Sound confusing? Not at all. In fact, if you mess up, just click on something else to fix it. Like using a white board and having an eraser.

Optimizely edit image sceen shot in SEO for Professional Services

Using the menu in the screenshot above, just start choosing. Every selection will change the look of the selected element on your page. Remember, you’re not editing your page; you’re just editing a software mockup of your “B” variation.

Step 5) Polish Things Up

We’re pretty big on organization, and we’re really fussy on filenames and just naming things in general. So, we decided to rename the variations—and Optimizely allowed us to do so.

Optimizely sceen shot on changing variant name in SEO for Professional Services

You probably always should keep the name of the original version, the version that’s live on your website, named “original.”

Lastly, come back after the length of time you are allotting for your A/B test, click the gear icon, and select “view results.” Done. Simple!

What do you think? Have questions? A/B testing is one of the more complicated inbound marketing tasks. Please feel free to share comments below. We'll be happy to help!

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Written by Fred Thompson

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