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8 Cost Effective Strategies for Managing Commercial Cleaning Services

July 17, 2015 | by Fred Thompson | in Professional Services, Commercial Cleaning

Having a profitable cleaning company, no matter the specific type of services you include with your offered packages, is about managing and maintaining a superior business. Ethics, consistency, economic and social awareness, and more, all contribute to the success of a commercial cleaning services company. Since cleaning companies can be found in almost every city around the world, it is important to carve out a niche for yourself and develop a rapport with customers that ensures long-lasting business. Here are some strategies that successful cleaning companies follow:

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Growth Hacking: Commercial Cleaning Marketing Trends

July 05, 2015 | by Fred Thompson | in Commercial Cleaning

If you’re either brave, an aggressive business person, or tired of the tried-and-true, then growth hacking may be for you.

The top commercial cleaning marketing trends leverage the Internet in many different and creative ways. But sometimes it’s not just the creative that provides a win, it’s using what’s been around for a while but using it in different ways.

Growth hacking is breaking into marketing concepts that already are there, but doing so in new, yet-to-be-proven ways.

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The 5 Must Do Online Marketing Tactics for Commercial Cleaning

May 07, 2015 | by Fred Thompson | in Commercial Cleaning

As B2B marketers or business owners trying to promote a service, we tend to try to create brand identity when what we’re trying to sell may seem like there's no brand. New Destiny is selling “growth;” you are selling “cleaning.” Let’s face it, it’s not like we’re selling the must-have latest iPad or some other hot product.

Additionally, we must come up with a steady flow of marketing-ready leads to drive our sales process. These factors combined make it more difficult to develop methods that produce our desired goals.

However, while your potential customers may not get excited about things like cleaning, they understand what it’s like when their facility is not clean. Because there is a certain finesse in attracting such B2B service-related customers, I want to share 5 of the top marketing tactics for commercial cleaning companies that will work for you.

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How to Increase Profit Margins Using Commercial Cleaning Marketing

May 03, 2015 | by Fred Thompson | in Commercial Cleaning

When we talk profit margins as related to marketing, most people are like, “Say what? I need to reduce expenses or increase workflow efficiency.” True. In fact, here are six key actionable items that can yield better margins. You might consider each of them:

  1. Reduce expenses; create better efficiency.
  2. Reduce payroll / restructure staffing.
  3. Build a better product.
  4. Create a niche market (similar to above; it’s related to your product).
  5. Get more top-of-the-funnel leads.
  6. Change your marketing methods.

You may no be used to #6 as a way to build profits. When it comes to marketing, many small to medium sized business marketers think: “I need to do more or spend more.” Sometimes that’s true, but what if changing the way you do things made a difference?

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Marketing Trends for Commercial Cleaning: How to Hire an Agency

April 09, 2015 | by Fred Thompson | in Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning companies who have shifted their marketing investment strategies from outbound to inbound are seeing very positive ROI.

For the first time in the past four years, outbound as a primary lead source has dropped, and sharply – from 34% to 22%. Meanwhile, inbound has remained relatively stable, off just 1% from its previous three year average. As a result, in 2014, more than twice as many respondents from a marketing survey cited inbound (45%) as their primary source of leads versus outbound (22%). Source: Hubspot State of Inbound, 2014.

Marketing trends for commercial cleaning centrally involves adapting to the 21st century and migrating the majority of your marketing to where their ideal buyers are doing their buying research and discovery — on the Internet. Today online shoppers are spending a massive amount of their shopping time researching products online.

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Internet Marketing for Commercial Cleaning Companies: 3 Quick Steps

March 26, 2015 | by Fred Thompson | in Inbound Marketing, Commercial Cleaning

Your commercial cleaning company is offing a professional service so you'll want to look viable and professional on the web. But you also want to get the most ROI out of your Internet Marketing spend.

Beside generating leads, Internet Marketing for Commercial Cleaning, in actuality, must engender not only capability, but also trust. Why is that?

Because you are asking your clients to trust their personal affairs or their businesses to you, building an online presense that builds trust is important. You're either going into their physical work environment or into their financial environment. You need to earn their trust.

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12 Killer Elements That Make Your Commercial Cleaning Homepage Awesome

March 25, 2015 | by Fred Thompson | in Commercial Cleaning

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. So did you get it right with the homepage of your commercial cleaning website? The first impression is made within the first 30 seconds of someone landing on your homepage. It is undoubtedly one of (if not the most important) part of your whole website.

If your website fails to connect with your visitors, or they are confused when they get there and don’t know where to go, you have failed. At this point your success rate in keeping them there is very low, and they are most likely going to leave thinking they got the wrong website. This is called the bounce rate.

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