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Maximize Your ROI with Inbound Marketing for Construction Companies

March 05, 2017 | by Fred Thompson | in Construction Marketing

Your Marketing: An Investment or an Expense?

While your CPA may disagree, we like to think of conventional or outbound marketing as an expense, and we think of Inbound marketing as an investment.

Why? (Advertising vs publishing)

Whenever you run a conventional marketing campaign, you may see results. But once you stop the campaign, the results also stop. You run some ads—they even could be PPC ads—and they pull while you’re running the ads. Stop running the ads, the ads and the results disappear.

Inbound marketing for construction companies means publishing, not advertising. When you publish, you’re not sticking something on someone else’s media like a magazine, you’re putting the content on your website or your social media channel. You control everything: The content itself, frequency, longevity, keywords, and target audience—everything. One good blog can get thousands of views, driving lots of traffic to your website where some of that traffic will become customers, generating very postive ROI for your business.

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How NOT to Capture Leads: Inbound Marketing for Construction Companies

March 04, 2017 | by Fred Thompson | in Construction Marketing

The end goal of inbound marketing for construction companies is capturing leads. But is there anything more frustrating than creating a content offer you’re really proud of, only to have some lead enter “xyz@gofish.com” as their email address? It’s like the fish that got away—with hook, line, and sinker; they walk away with your free offer and you don’t even know what part of the planet they’re from.

Inbound marketing is all about attracting leads, not manipulation, not coercion, and certainly not using traditional or oubound marketing. So how do you get leads to be delighted in giving away their correct email addresses?

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How to Forecast Marketing ROI for your Construction Company

December 07, 2016 | by Fred Thompson | in Construction Marketing

Trying to budget for positive ROI for your construction company often is horrendously painful. See if the following scenario sounds familiar:

You assemble your team and pass out your sheet of KPIs from the previous year. Then, everyone gets to weigh in on how to go forward. Some say one thing, some say another, then someone (you?) make the final decisions.

You might decide on a few actionable tasks, like hiring an SEO consultant to pump up your website, or any other number of things, like do more on social media, add personalization to radio spots, etc. If you’re really adventuresome, you'll buy some PPC, Facebook, or YouTube ads.

But one year later you’re in the same meeting again. You pass out the same KPIs sheet—but what’s really changed? Maybe CAC has improved. Did you fire someone? I mean, I’ve seen this and am trying to be real here. I frequently talk to C-level executives, all of whom frequently share the same two main pain points: 1) "It’s hard to find someone who can understand my issues" and 2), "Nobody really seems to have viable solutions."

And why not? Traditional marketing, it’s methods, it’s tactics, it’s results, are all pretty much messed up, outdated, and too costly.

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Why Link Building is So Important for Construction Company SEO

November 01, 2016 | by Sophorn Chhay | in Construction Marketing

Building links for construction company SEO is an important part of any marketing strategy. What worked five years ago, isn't necessarily going to help you when it comes to link building in 2016. With all of the competition online today, you need to build links that increase your ranking to get on the first page of search results. Not all links are created equal. Weak links from unrelated and low ranking websites can hurt your search engine optimization efforts. You have to build quality links to and from important, high ranking websites that are related to the products or services that you have to sell.

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How to Overcome the Top Four Construction Marketing Challenges

January 12, 2016 | by Fred Thompson | in Construction Marketing

The big shift taking place in construction marketing is from outbound to inbound. Outbound or traditional marketing includes everything you did for marketing prior to the advent of the Internet.

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5 Construction Industry Trends that Will Capture Leads

January 04, 2016 | by Fred Thompson | in Construction Marketing

The way to beat your competition is not to understand your competitors better but to understand your leads better. Construction industry trends that capture leads and produce positive marketing ROI center around changes in buyers’ shopping habits. If you overly promote, badger, or try to push your prospects they’ll run the other way.

I’m a fan of YouTube. Aside from YouTube being a great (and free) marketing platform, I find YouTube rewarding and a lot of fun. (That’s why it’s a great marketing platform; it attracts people and lots of them.)

But here's something bad: Lately, more and more people are trying to monetize their YouTube content. Ever click on a link to a cool video and have to suffer through a commercial first? I treat those videos like I do T.V. I mute the sound or click on some other channel to go directly to the content I want.

Here’s a hint: If you’re uploading videos to YouTube, don’t monetize them. Here’s the tutorial on that. For that matter, don't monitize anything.

If you want to capture more leads you’ll need to attract them using proven inbound marketing methodology. The outmoded tactics of traditional or outbound marketing are worn out and dead.

Here are 5 construction industry trends for your marketing that will help you attract leads rather than annoy them:

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Why ROI from Inbound Marketing Should Never be Classed as an Expense

December 01, 2015 | by Fred Thompson | in Construction Marketing

Marketing costs are an expense, right? Guess again. Getting ROI from inbound marketing or from traditional marketing is a foreign concept in some circles. Most businesses realize the importance of marketing. But from that point on business leaders disagree.

A great divide occurs between those who view marketing as an expense and those who view it as an investment. It’s tempting to shrug off marketing initiatives as part of the normal day to day grind of business activities but it’s a mistake to do so.

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Customer Acquisition Cost: How to Budget for Inbound Marketing Growth

November 16, 2015 | by Fred Thompson | in Construction Marketing

Capturing leads from your marketing is good. Using inbound to capture leads while generating positive ROI is much better. But being able to plan for growth that generates positive ROI ahead of time—before you spend a dime is cause for celebration.

Marketing customer acquisition cost (M-CAC) is one metric every marketer and CEO should have in their tool belt. M-CAC (or just CAC), cost per lead (CPL), and lifetime customer value (LTV) can be used to tell you how you’re doing now and if you can afford to budget for future inbound marketing growth. In all, there are six key metrics that, if you know them, will make you a hero in everyone's eyes. Find out more here.

To grow, you’ll get the most bang for the buck from inbound. In fact, inbound leads cost an average of 61% less than leads acquired from traditional marketing. This statistic has remained more or less constant over the past several years.

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Construction Company Website Trends: What Will Work vs. What Won't

November 13, 2015 | by Fred Thompson | in Construction Marketing

You know as well as I do, trends come and trends go. In marketing for construction companies, trends often develop when larger companies or thought leaders in marketing discover some element that will capture leads and convert leads into sales. 

That's all great, but sometimes communication breaks down and and it's hard to find out how to replicate the trend in your own business. For example, someone discovers that blogging can produce leads, so blogging becomes a trend (it actually is one). But to generate leads, the right kind of blog content needs to be published—not just any content.

Marketing strategies (and budgets) often are developed based on published trends with little or no assurance the strategies to be executed will produce ROI. No harm, no fowl, because with traditional marketing, few really good metrics are available to check on what trends will produce positive ROI and growth vs. the ones that are just half-baked. And shocking, when metrics are available for traditional marketing, they’ll show negative ROI. So marketers naturally adopt inbound without the lead intellegence or the metrics to prove what's working. 

Marketing Technology Insights published a survey of some construction company website trends. Let’s look at the three top construction company website trends and and see how to make them produce the positive marketing ROI you’re looking for.

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How to Calculate ROI for Inbound Marketing for Construction Companies

November 09, 2015 | by Fred Thompson | in Construction Marketing

While old-school budgeting practices viewed marketing as advertising and advertising as an expense, savvy marketers today are tracking and watching the return each marketing dollar earns.

Sadly, a lot of digital marketing runs in the negative. I’m referring to marketing ROI. Run a PPC campaign, track it, and often the marketing customer acquisition cost (M-CAC) will be more than the value of the actual customers who convert.

Although huge companies will want to keep up with the Joneses, SMBs can’t afford too much negative marketing ROI and stay afloat. Of course, if you and all of your competition are running negative ROI-producing campaigns then nothing lost, nothing gained. It’s like if you and everyone else jumps out of an airplane without a parachute; the results all would be the same.

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The Ultimate Blueprint to Getting Leads for Construction Companies

October 29, 2015 | by Fred Thompson | in Construction Marketing

Our marketing Blueprint for Construction Companies is designed to get you leads and sales from inbound marketing. Anyone knows that having good prints is the first real step in the construction process.

When I speak of a marketing blueprint, I’m talking about setting up clear direction of what to do, how to do it, and doing things in the right order. You know how this works—garbage in, garbage out: Make bad plans and you’re doomed. But create a good marketing plan, and you’ll get the results you want.

What follows are three critical first steps to getting leads for construction companies. The steps specifically center on inbound marketing—not traditional, not push, not interrupt marketing. While there are a lot more elements to inbound that will help build a successful lead-generation strategy, if ignored, these three absolute foundational steps will prevent your whole marketing structure from ever getting off the ground.

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How to Capture Leads for Construction Companies Through a Blog

October 20, 2015 | by Fred Thompson | in Construction Marketing

New Destiny Media is a digital marketing agency, a Hubspot partner, and we’re fanatical users of Hubspot’s inbound marketing software for our agency. And it’s working for us. Our biggest source of new leads by far is inbound.

When we adopted Hubspot’s marketing platform, we realized we had an opportunity to help other businesses through creating a helpful blog. But we didn’t know what to write about. So we went about the task of doing research to find hot topics that few were writing about, that would help.

So we cruised the social networks, checked out some groups on LinkedIn, watched the Twitter buzz, and asked around (we actually talked to people). Then, we did some keyword research (and a lot of it).

We discovered that the number one, most in demand topic was, getting leads for consecution companies. A close second was, getting ROI from construction marketing. Both are related, and fall under the goal of business growth.

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