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6 Reasons Why Your Professional Services Customers Leave Your Website

March 17, 2017 | by Fred Thompson | in Professional Services

Everyone wants a great website experience. You put a website up online with the intention that it is going to attract customers and get you more business. That is not what happens in reality though. So why is your website driving customers away? Here are the six top reasons that your professional services customers will leave you like a bad date.

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5 Marketing Research Tips to Get Leads Through Social Media

March 13, 2017 | by Fred Thompson | in Social Media, Professional Services

The biggest issue for many social media marketers today is how to get leads through social media. To understand the marketer’s dilemma, multiple questions have to be answered first.

  • Which networks are your customers on?
  • How do you get your customers to engage with your brand?
  • How do you get customers from social media back to your website?
  • And most importantly how do you convert your visitors into leads through your website when they are there?

By looking at the social pages and trends on social networks and what is working we can determine where and who we should be marketing to. Here are five marketing research tips that will help you to determine just that information.

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Professional Services Marketing: Inbound vs PPC. What's best?

August 13, 2015 | by Fred Thompson | in Professional Services

In 1963, when my dad wanted to promote the very cool GE clocks he sold in his retail store, he’d hand off GE’s ad matte to the local newspaper and be done with it.

You’re expecting me to say, “Marketing was simpler back then.” Nope. Marketing is marketing. The decisions you make, when you make them, how you execute them, and how you budget for them still apply today as they always have.

What has changed:

  1. Media (we now have the Internet).
  2. People have changed. They are sick and tired of being bombarded by many kinds of advertisements that interrupt their engagement in their media.
  3. You have way more control over the kinds of campaigns you launch.

In professional services marketing, as well as with many other verticals, a debate is raging about which is better: Inbound marketing or Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Let's unravel the confusion and find out how to grow your business.

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The Inbound Middle of the Funnel for Professional Services Companies

August 11, 2015 | by Fred Thompson | in Professional Services

As your potential new customers are heading to the Internet and searching for what you offer, they will interact with your company at one of three main stages of the marketing funnel: top, middle, or bottom.

What is the marketing funnel? Take everyone: visitors, Twitter followers, and all those who fill out your request-a-quote form, and dump them into a funnel and visualize leads pouring into the top and customers pouring out of the bottom.   
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5 Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks: Facebook

July 20, 2015 | by Fred Thompson | in Inbound Marketing, Professional Services

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world today. Their growth over the past 5 years has been amazing. One of the great tools that Facebook offers to businesses is a Facebook business page.

Now many people who try to set up a Facebook business page get it right, but you would be surprised at how many get it wrong. Facebook has not made it super easy to distinguish between a personal page and a business page. Today we are going to focus on 5 Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks to avoid when using Facebook online.

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8 Cost Effective Strategies for Managing Commercial Cleaning Services

July 17, 2015 | by Fred Thompson | in Professional Services, Commercial Cleaning

Having a profitable cleaning company, no matter the specific type of services you include with your offered packages, is about managing and maintaining a superior business. Ethics, consistency, economic and social awareness, and more, all contribute to the success of a commercial cleaning services company. Since cleaning companies can be found in almost every city around the world, it is important to carve out a niche for yourself and develop a rapport with customers that ensures long-lasting business. Here are some strategies that successful cleaning companies follow:

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Facebook Social Media Marketing: Just Say No to a Facebook Website

July 13, 2015 | by Fred Thompson | in Inbound Marketing, Professional Services

Facebook Social Media Marketing is a great tool for promoting your business online. In the past several years I have seen more and more business owners using Facebook the wrong way. They are using Facebook like their website and not as a social media marketing platform. There's a big difference. So let’s dive right into this topic.

What is Facebook?
Facebook is a social networking website that makes it easy to connect with people personally and for business purposes. The key here is that Facebook is a SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKING TOOL and not a website. The focus of social networking is to connect with customers though posting of relevant content and having a conversation with your prospects and current customers.

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The 4 Essentials to Building Trust in Professional Services Businesses

May 24, 2015 | by Fred Thompson | in Professional Services

Building trust among your customers is absolutely vital for your professional services business. In fact, customers demand it to the point if they don’t trust you, you risk them leaving you.

Everyone know sales in your field can be very challenging. The days of cold calling and door to door sales are nearing their end. Many business still mostly focus on getting the sale, not the customer relationships. I know you don’t want to hear this, but if you’re thinking mostly what you want, not what the customer needs, you’re setting yourself up to lose customers.

Here are 4 ways to get going on building trust with both your current customers and potential customers.

1. What Customers Really Don't Want
Professional services customers want to be treated with respect and understanding, not just thought of as the next great sales call. Customers see through the “pushy car sales” approach and most of the time they are turned off from it. This often results in a very quick and direct loss of the sale and you might even be told, "go away."

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How Social Media DESTROYED my professional services business online!

May 11, 2015 | by Fred Thompson | in Professional Services

Social Media is a wonderful channel for businesses to engage with their target customer. When brands use social media well for their professional services business, the results can be amazing. Your company's brand can increase loyalty, advocacy, word-of-mouth and trust with your customers, helping you to increase your sales.

However, sometimes things go wrong, horribly wrong and can have a tremendous negative impact on your brand. I have worked with many businesses over the years. I've found that if you use social media the wrong way it can destroy your business very quickly. Whether or not these are the worst offenses of using social media or not, there are some lessons to learn here. Here is a quick outline of the top 8 things on social that you can do to destroy your business:


1. Taking advantage of Human Tragedy
Current events are great and an easy topic to talk about. But there comes a time when too much discussion about it is a bad thing. Be careful about going overboard and what you share. In 2013 GAP.com was using twitter and tweeted “All impacted by #Sandy, stay safe! We’ll be doing lots of Gap.com shopping today. How about you?” Let’s just say the public didn’t care for what they said and got a host of negative comments from it.

2. Blending Personal and Business

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10 Reasons Why Professional Services Companies Don't Want a Website

April 26, 2015 | by Fred Thompson | in Professional Services

I love to find out why people love some things yet hate other things. We compiled this list from our years of helping professional services companies with their on-line media.

We found out the hard way that the best way to understand what your customers what is from your customers – not always some seminar you attend.

I’d love to hear what you think, or if you want to add some of your own stuff, just use the comment form below!

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How to Hire a Web Designer for Killer SEO for Professional Services

April 16, 2015 | by Fred Thompson | in Professional Services

Surfing the Internet or getting a referral are two good ways to begin to find a web design company, but the process of vetting out who to hire is something entirely different.

Getting a referral is great, but that alone doesn’t mean the web design company can build good websites.

It just means the person who referred the designer to you is happy. You can make people happy in many ways that have nothing to do with business: buy the customer a cup of coffee, share your favorite cookie recipe, or say you raise chickens because you like organic eggs… (We do these things too, just not the eggs part.)

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Inbound Marketing for Professional Services vs Content Marketing

April 14, 2015 | by Fred Thompson | in Professional Services

Inbound marketing and content marketing are relatively new buzz words when compared to conventional or outbound marketing. Some consider inbound marketing and content marketing as the same, but they are not identical terms.

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