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The Killer App You Must Use for SEO for Professional Services

September 29, 2015 | by Fred Thompson | in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Task: Optimise (SEO) a landing page to get more conversions.

Time to complete the task: 45 minutes.

Cost of software: $0.

The main purpose you should have a website is to generate business. A poorly optimized website won't get traffic and won't generate many leads. SEO is the practice of getting your website content found. Sadly, SEO is one of those mythical terms, but if you sift through all the hype on the Internet, SEO can be reduced to two simple tasks:

  1. Find out what’s broken.
  2. Fix it.

Why focus on SEO in the first place?

  1. To get leads, you must get found.
  2. The Internet is getting more and more cluttered with content each day. To be successful, you need to stand out from the crowd.
  3. SEO for professional services companies in even more crucial because your key customer base is very discerning.

How do you attack these issues? You need software (apps) that will look at your website and tell you what needs attention. Fixing issues is far easier than finding out what’s wrong.

We use Hubspot as our core software. If your focus is on growing your business—marketing, then of the 230 or so other marketing automation apps out there, we believe Hubspot is the one of choice. And it’s not even the most expensive.

But aside from our foundational app, here's another app that can be of immense help for SEO for professional services companies—and the fully functional version is totally free. Here’s how to get up and running in just minutes:

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Professional Services Marketing: How to Use Keywords for Dummies

August 25, 2015 | by Fred Thompson | in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Industry leader Moz, posted an article entitled, “The Beginner’s Guide to SEO.” It's a great article, but after reading it, I said to myself, “This can be simpler than that."

If you’ve been hanging around the Internet for a while, you’ve either heard about or read that keywords are important. Yes, they are important. In fact, they serve as the backbone of any good SEO tactic.

Professional services marketing trends today, focus more on leveraging the power of Inbound marketing—using the Internet—than they do on using conventional marketing.

Today, publishing is more important than ever, and write great optimized (SEO) content is key. But SEO tends to have a mystique about it when it really should not have. In this article, I’m going to radically de-mystify the SEO tactic of using keywords in professional services marketing. In fact, I’m going to show you how to find and use keywords without doing any research, and without using any software whatsoever.

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Anatomy of a Perfect SEO Page for Construction Companies

July 29, 2015 | by Fred Thompson | in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The first step to rank in the search engines is to have a page that is properly optimized for Google using SEO techniques and best practices. When you are building your page you want it to be visually appealing and SEO-friendly for your potential customers to find. The goal is to attract the right customer with the right content at the right time.

This article centers around the anatomy of a perfect seo page for construction companies. This is a practical guide so you can get found quickly in the search engines and move your SEO ranking above your competitors. The higher you are in the ranking the more often you are found, thus the more leads you will convert. In this article we are using tools like, SEM Rush, HubSpot and Google’s Keyword planner. So let’s get started on how to build the perfect SEO page.

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