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Use Your Website to Grow Your Business in the Upper Valley of NH & VT

[fa icon="calendar"] May 05, 2015 - Fred Thompson

Use Your Website to Grow Your Business in the Upper Valley of NH & VT

Are you a business professional wondering how to grow your business using your website? If so, you can be in for a big win at far less cost or effort than you might expect!

Let’s first look at some reasons why digital marketing can work for you:

Why You Should Use your Website to Grow your Business in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont.

  1.  Very, very few of your competitors are using their websites effectively for lead generation. This means, if you take the right steps, you stand a very good chance to get ahead of your competition.
  2. The Upper Valley is a geo-isolated market. There is less to worry about the “big guns” in larger markets going after you with huge marketing budgets. Thus, sometimes, less is more; a little investment can produce huge gains.
  3. Digital marketing, AKA, using your website, social media, etc., is 61% more cost-effective than conventional marketing methods. You can do much more with much less of an investment; your marketing ROI will be improved greatly.
  4. Like #3, most of your competition is doing radio, direct mail, and print advertising.
  5. 89% of people use search engines for purchase decisions. This means your website likely will be your new customer’s first impression about you.

Because of these points, growing your business in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont using your website can be a huge opportunity for you.

What's the Deal About Smartphones and the Web?

  1. 62% of smartphone users accessed that store’s site or app while in store. (This is called, "showrooming.") There are now more mobile devices on earth than there are people. Is your website mobile-optimized?
  2. 80% of smartphone owners would like mobile-optimized product information while they’re shopping in stores. Is your website mobile-optimized?
  3. 74% of U.S. consumers use location based services on their smartphone. Hint: You can build search ranking by using geo-targeted site pages or landing pages.
  4. 25% of smartphone owners say they have purchased something on their mobile devices in the past week.

(You may have noticed we think not having a mobile-ready website might just kill your on-line efforts.)

Two Implementations You Might Consider

The statistics in favor of focusing on digital marketing are overwhelming. If you think there are some things you can do, you’re right.

There is a distinction between actionable items pertaining to your website, and those pertaining to digital marketing.

Actionable Item #1: Pump Up Your Website

It’s harder for many businesses to spend money on a website because there’s no clear conversion path and no good way to measure marketing ROI. In other words, aside from the stats above, there’s no great way to say, “I made this much money by having a nice website.” (That is, unless you have an e-commerce website.)

Nevertheless, a website that is designed to attract, rather than repel, visitors can be your #1 best investment. A website is your 24/7, never sleeps, never calls out sick, sales person pointing customers to your business.

We’ve also seen tremendous business growth attributed to getting a website update.

A business-ready website must have these three basic features:

  1. A clean, inviting design.
  2. A mobile-ready, responsive design that displays well on a smartphone or tablet.
  3. Plenty of information designed to help the customer make an informed purchase decision.

What? You didn’t say anything about SEO, tech platforms, programming, slideshows, etc! Sure did not. Save those items for a rainy day, or when you’re ready to hire a web design company. For marketing, the three points above are vital for a good user experience – which is what you want.

Actionable Item #2: Add Conversion Paths

When a visitor comes to your website, what do you want them to do? Ideally, you’d want them to check out some of your content, and then fill out your contact form where they indicate what pre-purchase stage they’re in.

But real-world leads don’t always fall into your lap – they need to be nurtured and coaxed. This is where conversion paths come into play. A conversion path is a route buyers take from moment of first contact to the close of the sale.

Buyer's journey and content: Use Your Website to Grow Your Business in the Upper Valley of NH & VT

The buyer’s journey starts with your website – really, the content you publish on your website. You’ll intersect your buyer through content offers (e-books, white papers, demos, etc.), calls-to-actions, and landing pages.

Some would say, this is like fishing. But it’s really not. With fishing, the bait is insignificant.

With digital marketing, you are providing solutions and offers that have real value.

The best-kept secret of digital marketing is what I just said: The ROI of a digital marketing campaign is far greater than running one display ad in a print publication. As you know, one display ad will render X number of impression, but just once. By contrast, the quality content and offers you place on your website can have a very long life, paying a return far into the future.

Check out our other blog posts, and avail yourself of any of our free offers. Want personalized answers? Ask ANY question in the form below!

Key take-a-ways from this blog post:

  • Getting ahead of your competition is easier in a smaller market area.
  • Compared to old-school marketing concepts, marketing through the Internet is new, and many small businesses have yet to come on board.
  • A mobile-optimized website is no longer an option.
  • A website with conversion paths is a lead-generating machine.

Get a free analysis of your website against that of your main competitors’ websites!

Get a free marketing analysis of your website against your competitors' websites!


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