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Why Commercial Cleaning Marketing Never Works Out the Way You Plan

[fa icon="calendar"] March 25, 2017 - Fred Thompson

“Social Media marketing is an increasingly important asset for your business in getting found by your potential buyers on the web.” Source Forbes 8/11/2014 

attracting customer through social media with Facebook

I am sure that you have heard of Facebook by now. With 1.3 billion users on Facebook worldwide and an impressive 22% growth from 2012 to 2013 and even more from 2013 to 2014, why wouldn’t you be on Facebook promoting your business? I will admit I have been a Facebook user (or addict) for a while now. There is something that just fascinated me about how all of it worked and how quickly you could interact with your customers online. But one of the biggest challenges that I have seen for the past decade are businesses using Facebook the wrong way to promote their business online.

Now I thoroughly understand that everyone is not a technical genius and understanding Facebook or Social Media may not just instantly assimilate into your brain. We all have great plans, but they don't always work out the way that we planned them. Most social media gurus miss even some of the basic steps in Commercial Cleaning Marketing. So here is a great new discovery or just a friendly reminder on how to really attract people for your Commercial Cleaning Business.


Get Found Online

get found online inbound marketingAre you one of those people who constantly is on Google searching for that favorite product, service, or is just reading an interesting article? One of the simple facts of the Internet is that it has leveled the playing field for consumers in learning about the product or services that they are interested in. So how does Facebook really fit into search? When you create a Facebook business page for your business, those posts that you publish through your Facebook page are purposely made searchable by Facebook to help get you found. Simply put, your post and business page will show up in the search results giving your business an extra boost in visibility with customers.

41% of B2B companies have generated a customer with Facebook! Source Hubspot


Facebook Terminology

facebookterminologySome of the most commonly used terms on Facebook can be very confusing and overwhelming. So to get a handle on them we are going to run through the most common ones.

A program that allows user to share content and interact with other users.

Computer algorithm that determines what content is shown in users’ news feeds.

A personal connection to a real person that you know.

A fan is a Facebook user who chooses to “like” your page and become a “fan” of your page.

Friend List
This is how you can organize your friends into groups.

A collection of Facebook users with a common interest.

You can “like” in three different ways:

  1. Like a business page. Doing so will make you a fan.
  2. Like a comment or post that someone else has posted.
  3. Embed a Facebook like button on your website for people to like your page directly without having to go to Facebook.

Newsfeed: This is where everything that your friends are posting shows up for you to see on your own home page in Facebook. This is on your personal account and not your business page.

Business Page: This is a page of an official public figure, public business, artist, band, product or non-profit organization. Businesses use this type of page to drive organic traffic and customers to their website.

Wall: The core of a profile page that aggregates new content, including posted items, “status updates and recent actions” like becoming a fan of someone else’s page.

Okay now those are the basics of how Facebook works. Understanding how all these things work together will help you get the most out of your Facebook experience.


Setting Goals on Facebook

setgoals2Why do I need goals for Facebook? Anything worth doing in life is worth doing well. Would you go on a vacation without planning out what airline you’re going to take or even where you are going to stay when you get there? No, of course not! So don’t just put up a Facebook Business page just because everyone else is. Set goals! Here are a few goals that you can use for your Facebook Page.

  1. Get found by people who are searching for your products or services.
  2. Connect and engage with current and potential followers and customers.
  3. Create a community around your business.
  4. Promote the content you create including webinars, eBooks, blog articles, press release, videos and photos.
  5. Generate leads and customers for your business!

That last point is the end goal with anything that you do online: You need to generate leads and turn them into customers, then turn them into raving fans.


Promote Your Facebook Page

promotesocialmediaThis is one of the areas of using Facebook that many people get wrong. Promoting your Facebook page is about attracting your customers to your business. In order to do that you first have to understand who your customers is. This is where developing a buyer persona is very important. Without a buyer persona you will attract the wrong people to your business.

Promoting Ideas for your commercial cleaning business.

  1. Create engaging content.
    Post a variety of content, photos, videos, status updates.

  2. Post content worth reading.
    Write content that is engaging to your customers. Don’t just write anything, write about your industry and how it pertains to your customers’ buyer persona. The goal is to attract customers and educate them.

  3. Promote, Promote, Promote.
    Let your audience know about your Facebook page. Add a social media icon on your website that links to your Facebook page. Also add social media sharing icons in the blog section of your website so your audience can share your blog articles on their Facebook page.

  4. Respond to your users.
    Respond to questions, comments and complaints. People want interaction with you, that way they know that you are a real living person and not a robot or lifeless company. Facebook is public so anyone can post on your page, be monitoring your social channels on a regular basis.

  5. Advertise to promote.
    A little advertising to increase your reach beyond what you already have never hurt anyone. I wouldn’t rely on it all the time, but it is a good way to help get beyond your normal audience and draw the attention of some new customers. Remember however, that advertising does not take the place of great content.

  6. Join groups.
    This is a great way to get involved with other like-minded people in your industry. Sometimes it makes sense to create a group to compliment your Business Page. A group essentially is a page that is used as a chat room for a specific group of people. In a Facebook group, members can post all kinds of content and interact with you as a community.

  7. Give a sneak peak.
    Do you have a great new product or service coming out? Your Facebook page is a great way to let your fans (customers) have a sneak peak at what you have cooking in the company kitchen.

  8. Don’t just talk about yourself.
    It is great to talk up your company’s services and products, but don’t stop there! If you only talk about you all the time, customers will get bored with you and see it as you’re always trying to sell them something. Use the "3 to 1 rule:" For every one thing that you post about your company, post three things that are interesting in your industries’ news. Make your Facebook page a destination that people want to visit.

Key take-always to using Facebook to promote your business

  • Don’t be selfish and talk about only you, share other things that people would be interested in.
  • Promote, Promote, Promote. You can’t do this enough to attract people.
  • Make sure you setup the correct type of page: Create a business page not a personal account for your business. You have to have a personal account connected to your business page in order to manage it.
  • Be original and engaging in your content and make sure it is tailored to your customers’ buyer persona.

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Fred Thompson

Written by Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson is the owner of New Destiny Media; Fred loves working side-by-side with business owners to create successful marketing campaigns that grown their business. When Fred is not working, he is spending time with his three very active children at home. He is an avid problem solver (MacGyver), Loves anything Martial Arts related and Social Media gets him excited about work.