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Why Link Building is So Important for Construction Company SEO

[fa icon="calendar"] November 01, 2016 - Sophorn Chhay

construction company seoBuilding links for construction company SEO is an important part of any marketing strategy. What worked five years ago, isn't necessarily going to help you when it comes to link building in 2016. With all of the competition online today, you need to build links that increase your ranking to get on the first page of search results. Not all links are created equal. Weak links from unrelated and low ranking websites can hurt your search engine optimization efforts. You have to build quality links to and from important, high ranking websites that are related to the products or services that you have to sell.

Links that are Harmful to Your Search Engine Optimization

When your website is linked by a number of spam sites on the internet, this can make a big difference in how you show up in search engine results. A bad link is one that has a low page rank and is a useless website to consumers. These poor quality links can have an adverse impact on your own rankings. When a link is not reputable, Google still takes this link into consideration when determining your relevance for a search term. If you have too many useless (poor quality) spammy links, Google is going to rank your website much lower than you want. If you are not able to remove the links by contacting the website owner and having the links taken down, you can disavow the link.

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Understanding How Disavowing Links Helps Your SEO

Disavowing links means telling Google that you do not want a link to be considered as part of the algorithm that determines whether your website will show up in search results or not. While removing backlinks to your website will have a negative effect on traffic in the immediate future, it is helpful over time. Not all traffic is created equal. You need people who are visiting your site to be interested in what you have to sell. Get rid of bad backlinks, and you will see a slow, steady increase in valuable traffic to your website.


Building Strong Links Improves Your SEO

To build a more relevant, dynamic site on the internet, you have to build strong links both within your content and between your website and other similar sites. To build links within your website, you need to link blog posts or pages with one another.

This means that as you write a post, you should find relevant keywords to highlight and link to another page within your website. These links are referred to as internal links and can help build your credibility with search engines. For building links to external content, you start by writing useful content and linking to valuable resources outside of your website. As your website becomes more and more credible, sites will begin linking to you for the same purpose.

The more you can link back and forth to websites on the internet that are both reputable and have a common purpose to your own site, the higher up you will reach in search engines. Each marketing campaign is different, and a strategy to build backlinks will include a number of ways to create links from reputable sites.

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Strong Links

A great way to build strong links is to offer to write a piece for another person's website, with the stipulation of including a link back to your website. While some article sites allow you to add a back link, these sites often don't give you the clout necessary to create a valuable back link. Look for sites that have a high page rank, and offer to write a post in exchange for a link. Many sites are willing to do this, as this will increase their content and improve their SEO through the addition of links.

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