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Why UX is Critical for Professional Services Website SEO

[fa icon="calendar"] April 30, 2015 - Fred Thompson

Like you, we also get annoyed with industry buzz words. But it’s good to know this one for two reasons:

  1. You’ll know what a web designer is talking about.
  2. Your knowledge will trigger ideas for your next website redo.

UX stands for “user experience.” The term has become a subset of web design and digital marketing. There is somewhat of a cult-like following of the term, but for professional services website SEO, let’s keep it simple.

User Experience - Why UX is Critical for Professional Services Website SEOIn the earlier days of marketing  professional services companies online, a website was, more or less, a digital signpost displaying your services and why everyone should want to buy your services. Today, professional services company owners, who are looking for success, are looking for trends that produce results, that is, customers of course.

We’re living in an age where user experience is driving everything from video games to companies creating culture standards in the workplace. It’s no longer just about facts, numbers, and punching a timeclock just to pull a lever for 8 hours per day.

While, your website visitors still are looking for information about your services and company information, they also are looking for a great user experience (UX). There is a difference between launching a website to promote your company, and a website that promotes human experience as the desired goal (source: video).

What does UX have to do with SEO?

SEO lets people find your website, UX keeps them engaged. SEO is still very important but it's no longer the only concept to consider. UX contains both design and engagement elements. Again, keeping it simple:

  • Clean design: using lots of white space, good spacing between lines of text – think the opposite of “cramped.”
  • Something eye-catching, a focal point, tag line, a video, coupon, etc.
  • Content targeted to a specific audience, a persona.
  • A conversion path – a way for visitors to become leads.

Sometimes it doesn’t take too much to engage an audience. Check out First, check out their tagline: “Conferencing is a pain.” (They’re trying to sell conferencing.) This is like me saying, “Digital marketing is a pain.” We sell digital marketing. Click on their video. What’s so cool is that the video engages anyone who has experienced frustration with on-line conferencing tools. They nailed it. I’d sign up, wouldn’t you?

UX allows people to accomplish their goals through giving them a delightful experience. When was the last time you landed on a web page and said to yourself, “I found it!” That’s the goal.

Key take-a-ways from this blog post:
  • Without good UX, no matter how much functionality you have, you'll lose visitors.
  • Think of SEO as first base, UX as second, third base as content, and home plate as getting customers.
  • Above all, keep your site as simple and clean as possible.

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Fred Thompson

Written by Fred Thompson

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