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Why You Need Hubspot's Growth-Driven Design for Professional Services

[fa icon="calendar"] September 23, 2016 - Fred Thompson

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In this article I’m comparing static website design with Hubspot's growth-driven design. A static website is what you’re used to. You know the game: You contract with a designer, decide what you want, write the content, and launch the site. Then what happens? Your new website sits there hoping it will help your business, and then a few years down the road, you painfully repeat the same process all over again. Professional services marketing is a process that should begin now and never end.

Growth-driven is different: To start, a Launchpad site is created, then it’s continually improved and updated—forever. We call it, “The last website you’ll ever need™.” (Or have to buy.)

Planning for Your Next Redesign

Are you planning your next website redesign? I don’t mean the one you’re working on now, but the next one—the one maybe three years from now.

Professional services marketing is rolling ahead at lightning speed. So if you’re planning to launch your current redesign this year, you should now be planning on your next redesign three years from now, or even sooner depending on the voracity of your competition.

Static vs Growth-Driven Design

Why would you want a growth-driven design? To answer that question, let’s look at the process of launching and using a conventional, static website. You should be all too familiar with this process.

The Static Website:

  • You hire a web design agency who builds the website of your choice, usually at the lowest cost possible.
  • The new website helps your business significantly during the first year or so because Google crawls the new site, and your ranking and traffic improves. Your customers also like the site, so your branding is improved.
  • After the first year or so, since your website has just been sitting there, SEO begins to decline, and so do all other associated elements. Bottom line: It’s not working like it did when it was first launched.
  • So you spend a few $$ on some SEO and some new content. Maybe you get a boost from that.
  • By year 3 or 4, technology has moved on, marketing has moved on, and you begin to realize your stale website is costing you sales, so you start shopping for a new design.
  • This process repeats itself forever.

 The Growth-Driven Design Website:

  • You hire a Hubspot Certified marketing and web design agency.
  • The agency meets with you to strategize your website marketing plans for the next three years.
  • You create a list of all the things you could ever want in a website, with a focus on functionality, SEO and lead-generation. You then prioritize that list.
  • A “Launchpad” website is created with all the top prioritized elements from your planning stage.
  • The website is continually updated with SEO, style, usability, stickyness (do you want people to just look at your stuff or click on it?), and lead-generation goals in mind.
  • In three years, the design is totally updated with a new look and feel to reflect changes in design and digital marketing trends (4K monitors are the next viewport platform).
  • The process is retainer-based, so you are paying monthly, and goes on as long as you want a website.

Static vs Growth Driven—What’s This Going to Cost Me?

Your willingness to spend on anything in your business is going to depend on whether you see the cost as an expense or as an investment. I don’t care how you view what you spend on a website but I will say that we consider everything we spend on our marketing an investment. Why? Because all of it produces leads.

You may be thinking, “He’s setting me up to spend a lot more on growth-driven design.” Not necessarily so. Let’s take a dive into potential costs.

Static website sample cost:

Website today: $15,000

Website redesign 3 years from now: $15,000

Total by 3rd year end: $30,000


GDD sample cost:

Website today: $10,000 for launchpad site--initial cost.

Retainer-based: $750 / mo.

Retainer incudes: SEO refreshes, CTAs, landing pages, localization, social inbox training, content creation, new pages, and whatever else enhances your online presence.

Website redesign 3 years: $0

Total by 3rd year end: $37,000


These sample numbers are quite real. While you may spend a little more, your growth goals are met, your website never gets stale, and your business grows.

You should plan on spending anywhere between $750 to $2,000 per month on the retainer. Cost will depend on the size of your website and the amount of work or additions you want done over time.

Also, retainer cost will increase significantly if your goals include creating any inbound marketing strategies.

Before you proceed, you need to ask yourself: “What’s one, good qualified lead worth to me?” What if many new leads began come in via your website or social media? I mean, they just show up, without cold calling (which is totally dead), and without spending on interrupt marketing? What’s that worth?

Key take-a-ways from this blog article:

  1. A static website may grow your business initially, but over time, it becomes less and less effective.
  2. A web design project can take up a lot of your time. Once the GDD process is rolling, it won’t.
  3. Normally, a GDD project will be more expensive, but you’re getting a lot more, and meeting your growth goals.

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