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Your Marketing Is Dead: Inbound Gets Leads for Construction Companies

[fa icon="calendar"] October 22, 2015 - Fred Thompson

Construction woman holding wireframe showing inbound gets leads for construction companies

Traditional marketing in all is forms: print, radio, T.V., and in many cases, trade shows, has lost much of its ability to capture leads—basically, it’s dead.

We’re privy to some amazing new data that proves the value of inbound marketing in getting leads for construction companies and, for that matter, for about every other industry as well. Inbound for construction is a literal gold mine. That’s because few, even larger construction companies, still are only spending on traditional or outbound marketing tactics.

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No Matter Your Company Size, Inbound Is the Way to Capture Leads for Construction Companies

Inbound marketing is no longer a totally new concept. Construction marketers and other business leaders who are not currently practicing inbound marketing tend to be at least somewhat familiar with the methodology. At the other end of the adoption spectrum, a healthy number of marketers have gone all in on inbound marketing, and learned valuable lessons along the way. They’ve used these lessons to iterate and refine their marketing strategies, so that they’ve been able to build upon past successes.

Smaller Construction Companies Win Big with Inbound Marketing

About five years ago, inbound was considered the smaller company’s answer to stepping up to larger competitors’ big budgets. Those huge construction companies could out-spend the smaller ones in conventional advertising. But with inbound, all this has changed. Now, smaller companies who have to budget using scarce funds can meet or even beat bigger companies. With inbound, the little guy as just as much chance to grow as their larger competitors do.

3X more ROI from inbound in contrast to outbound. Inbound gets leads for construction companies.

Inbound Delights and Attracts Rather than Repels Prospects

Instead of interrupting prospects with mindless advertising, inbound delivers remarkable content in the right way and at the right time, delighting and attracting those prospects rather than repelling them. Overall strategies between outbound and inbound share some similarities. For example, knowing a persona—who your dream customer is, always was important and still is. Outbound does work; I have no argument there, but at what cost? If you are at all concerned about ROI, then run like crazy from traditional marketing like your life depended on it—and it very well may.

Inbound Turns Website Visitors into Leads

When the Internet became mainstream in the mid-90’s, marketers had no idea how to capture leads from top of the funnel website visitors. Those early websites were mostly brochureware—online versions of a printed brochure. Any lead capture occurred through the website’s contact us or request a quote forms. Those forms only captured bottom of the funnel leads, those persons who can be closed if sales is able to deliver what they want.

Inbound sales funnel showing how Inbound gets leads for construction companies

Many are still doing 90's style Internet marketing. 90’s style Internet marketing is taking traditional outbound tactics and duct taping those tactics onto the Internet—change nothing.

Inbound methodology, by contrast, starts with the Internet. Inbound attracts leads from wherever they are in the funnel. It’s a whole different game. Top of the funnel leads are attracted by the awesome content you publish and are nurtured down the funnel where they become sales qualified. Getting leads for construction companies and converting them from the point they enter the funnel remains a top priority according to our new data.


Inbound will turn a brochureware website into the lead-generating machine it should be. You may not need a website redo. Inbound tactics can be added to an existing website by adding CTAs, landing pages, and of course, outstanding content. Compared to traditional marketing, the changes you make to your website will produce vastly better ROI. What do you think? Share your comments or questions below!

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Free e-book: Inboudn Marketing for Blueprint for Construction Companies

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